Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday around Shasta Lake

bad picture, but this is a map of shasta lake.  we're at the top left fold!
We're at Antler's RV Park and Marina in Lakehead, California. The campground is right on one of the arms of Shasta Lake.   I tried to take a picture of the map, above, but it didn't come out very well.  We got here yesterday afternoon and found no one at the office.  Self registration forms on the wall outside.  Pick your site, fill out the form, insert your cash and put it in the slot in the door.  OK....    Wonderful Dave once again unhooked the jeep and we drove around and around the basically empty campground looking for the perfect spot.  50 amp power, water, sewer, cable, morning and afternoon sun, privacy, etc.  Not much to ask for is it?   Finally, I decided that site 101 fit the bill perfectly.   The only ding is that the train tracks are right behind us. We can't see them, didn't know they were there, but we can certainly hear the whoosh of the trains as they race by.  Not too often and the sound doesn't really bother either of us.  They bring back some good memories, actually.  The sound transports us to Mexico, reminds us of when we lived in Beluga on a flatbed train car for 5 days.  At the end of the day our train would pull off on a siding for the night and passing trains would scream by just feet from us.   We got used to it eventually but, in the beginning, the sound did cause us to bolt out of bed  in the middle of the night.   We had such a memorable time with Steve and Charron on that trip.  I'm so glad we were able to share the experience with them - life is short.

Beluga snuggled into site 101
After lunch we explored our surroundings a bit.  The marina part of the resort isn't very far from our site.  We were surprised to see how low the lake is.   Its really far below us.  The docks were still full of pleasure boats and the ubitquitous houseboats, some private and some for rent.

Dave stands at the full water level mark, stairs take you to the current water level
can you believe these stairs?  can't imagine carrying needed supplies down to the boat for a day on the water!
We took the dogs with us as we explored other sections of the lake.  They both really enjoyed racing around the shore line and into the water.  It was a perfect day.  Clear blue skies, 80 degrees, no wind, no people around us.  Perfect.   As a matter of fact, last night was near perfect also.  No furnace on, windows open and a gentle cool breeze blowing.  Sigh....

spending a few weeks  on a houseboat is at the very top of my bucket list.  

what do you think about this campsite?  looks like paradise to me, and its free....if you can get there.

We came back to 101 late in the afternoon and, after rinsing the red mud off both dogs, we decided to stay here an extra day.  It is just too beautiful and too warm to go right now.  The only reason we'll leave will be to make it through the high passes near Yosemite and Mono Lake before snow sets in.  We're into warm, not cold.

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  1. You sound just like the "western settlers" would have ....getting through those high passes before snows settle in. Yup, but I bet those men never unhooked their jeeps to troll around their women looking for the perfect site. That Dave ...he's a keeper! Enjoy your day together. Love you both!