Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday (and Wednesday)

We had a nice day just poking around the area, seeing a few things we wanted to see, sitting in the sun on the river beach,  listening to the flocks of nuthatches in the trees surrounding our campsite, checking out the little airport, the brand spanking new dog park, the great bakery in old town, walking on the docks at the fishing port and buying a few more of those delicious Armenian cucumbers.  The mail arrived today, so we're clear to leave, mixed feelings.

dreaming of dead seals....


Internet coverage seems to be much better today, so here arre yesterday's pictures and post....

We drove north just a little way to the Heceta Lighthouse Beach.  It is a deep cove with the Lighthouse high above.  I'm not particularly interested in lighthouses, I know lots of people are.  What draws me to them is that they are on the water in usually rough and picturesque  areas and that is very me.  

Heceta Lighthouse cove lies directly beneath this historic bridge - Cape Creek Bridge

I can't imagine navigating waters with these huge driftwood logs floating around

shallow Cape Creek flows under the bridge and into the cove

After spending some precious time walking the beach and following the creek, we reluctantly got  in the car and drove back to Florence.  We needed to get to the Post Office before it closed to pick up our mail.

No luck, however.  It hadn't arrived yet.  We must stay one more day to wait for it to catch up with us. Awww, too bad, another day in paradise!  Luckily, our site at Harbor Vista Park was available for Thursday night, so we ordered take-out from the Waterfront Depot (no reservations available) and enjoyed what was supposed to be our last night here.

We'll be so sorry  to leave this spectacular coast.  We drive away tomorrow morning with so much left to see. The weather is soon to close in, I know we had the best of the best and  I know we'll be back

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  1. Wow, you two have THE life right now! Such a relaxing day ...

    Sasha will probably be dreaming of dead seals for several months to come...what a lucky find for a little Black lab!

    Got back safely with the pony after a nice trip to Nicole's yesterday. Beautiful day here...74 degrees and sunny. Perfect day with a perfect pony lesson. New trailer is awesome. Travels better than the old one and i'm getting to like the GN.

    Now I'm going to use it today to move the JD 318 over to lakeland in avon. Nice I don't have to remove one partition to get it to fit! Love that flexibility!~