Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday - hello Susanville

We drove away from Antler's RV Park this morning, once again leaving so many places unseen.  What a beautiful part of the country, especially at this time of the year.  We saw two more new birds for our life list here - Acorn Woodpecker and Oregon Junco.  Probably not too interesting for you, but cool for us.

For the most part, our route kept us off Interstate highways.  Good and bad.  Good because the scenery is so beautiful, the pace slower and we get to see things we normally wouldn't see.  Bad because we drive on small roads with no shoulder (or a "minus" shoulder, straight down), with other cars and log trucks coming within inches of us, seeming to be heading straight at us,  with no place to go if trouble arises (blown tire, animal in the road, accident, etc.).  So, all in all, a long day on the road.

On CA 299 we drove east through rolling, yellow hills dotted with huge green trees (oaks?).  It was bone dry  and we could clearly see where the irrigation ended.  It put me in mind of the landscapes Steinbeck described in East of Eden.  As we drove along,  the colors started changing.  Golds, yellows and soft reds peeked through the pines.  Not the striking reds of New England, but contrasting with the dark green pines, a beautiful sight.   We also started to see  beautiful yellow aspens, and yes, they were quaking! I didn't take any pictures, too many bugs on the windshield!

We gradually gained elevation as we turned south on CA 89, driving through a volcanic landscape with lava flows and huge cones in the distance.  From CA 89 we continued to Susanville on CA 44, through huge, flat, ochre meadows.

We'll stay the night here at Susanville RV Resort and continue south into the Reno area tomorrow.  Dave is feeling like our alternator isn't performing the way it should, so we'll get it checked out at a Freightliner Service Center tomorow.   The outcome of that visit will determine the next few days schedule!   Either stay in Reno for repairs, or continue on 395 toward Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes.  The weather will also be our driver, the elevations ahead are 10,000 feet.

Happy Birthday Judi!

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