Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday BCA

A nice, relaxed day for us, a boring post for you...sorry.

We didn't do anything interesting today at all.  Enjoyed the beautiful warm sunshine outside with coffee (the campground provides coffee and muffins each morning), lunch outside and  then poured over  maps and talked about the direction of our next move.  Do we visit Death Valley (with or without Beluga)?, Do we make an eastern detour to the border of Arizona and check out Lake Havasu on our way south?  Do we move on to Desert Hot Springs and/or Palm Springs before heading to San Diego for Christmas?  Nothing was decided today, we're still in the "what if" mode.  Nice to have options.

Speaking of Christmas, I had a great phone conversation with Robin about that very subject and, of course, dogs.  Talked  (electronically) with Cindy P on the subject of dogs, too.   Dave spoke with  the wonderful Fred and he assured us that all is well on the home front - Thanks Fred!

A few loads of laundry and a crockpot pork dinner and that wraps up our day!

the sunset was gentle tonight, nothing to the west, but soft pinks  over the Inyo Mts. behind Beluga.
full moon high in the clear sky

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  1. Ahhh, every day is a good day and has its moments...that sunset was one of them! Keep us all posted on your whereabouts and we'll try and stay in touch if TS Storm doesn't get too contentious with us NewYorkers! Lots of warnings come across very early so we're getting our emergency stuff reviewed today!