Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday - contrasts

We got a late start today, needed to get fuel and propane.  It was a long, hard, but spectacular drive down route 395 through the mountains to our home for the next five or so days - Oh Ridge NFS campground at June Lake.    We're both tired and I'm typing this by candlelight.  We have no electric hook-up, but great cell coverage - go figure.  

windshield view!

not a sound, so quiet it hurts my ears

the peaks behind Dave are dusted with snow

Mergansers on the lake below us

the only "neighbors" we've seen
Such a contrast between this morning and this evening....when we woke up we were in the middle of a bustling noisy city, when we lay our heads down tonight, we're all alone.  Well, not quite "alone", I'm sure there are plenty of deer, squirrels, coyotes, and bear.....

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  1. Oh My! Squirrels,coyotes and bears!!! Bears? Well, that place just got less interesting to me. Fabulous views ...but keep your food hung up in a tree and don't let Lewis see any bears. He'll be heading east for sure!!! ...good boy, Lewis!

    Now, this is living the Good Life ...every day. Love it.