Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday - winds of change

It was really, really windy today, we think snow is coming so we're outta here in the morning.  We had planned on clipping the beast's face (Lewis, that is) and sitting in the sun reading a bit today, but the strong winds changed our plans.  We managed to sit in  the sun (inside, in the driver's/passenger's seats) and did get a bit of reading done, but didn't try to clip any poodle hair outside. Another day.  Three people were taking advantage of the tremendous winds on the lake, kite surfing.  Back and forth they went, for hours it seemed.  Boy, their arms must be really sore tonight!

  Our friends hung around again this morning, I'll miss them when we leave.

That is Beluga's front door in the background - do we have peeping toms?

Sasha is concerned by all the deer traffic

We're heading to Bishop, Ca. tomorrow, 4000 ft. lower in elevation, so we should be out of the snow zone. I think we'll still be touched by the storm coming, but it should just give us cooler temps and a few clouds, that we can handle.

We read all morning, ate lunch and then checked out the nearest place to empty our holding tanks and buy diesel fuel for our morning departure.  At the gas station we happened to  park next to a water tap that was left dripping.  It had made a tiny pool below it and
was a mecca for birds drinking and bathing.

 Robin, we saw a really new bird for us - a white headed woodpecker!  It was siting under the drip, drinking and enjoying the tiny waterfall pouring over its white and red head.  Mountain Chickadees, Red Breasted Nuthatches, Black Headed Grosbeaks, and what I think were Cassin's Finches all took patient turns at the water shower and pool.  Small pleasures.  Until two guys on dirt bikes roared up that is.  That ended all our birdwatching,  Grrr.  Oh well, I guess it was a gas station after all.

Since we're leaving this idyllic spot tomorrow, I wanted to show you some of the beautiful fall colors that surrounded us, this high wind and coming snow may finish them for this year.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Wowser ...if those deer coats are any indication of what's ahead, it may be a cold one we're all facing! Love those little guard hairs in the picture!

    And a white-headed woodpecker??? Very cool!