Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday - lazy day at June Lake

The altitude is affecting our energy levels, at least thats what we're telling ourselves.  We spent the entire day outside, reading and dozing.  

We went to bed early last night, so we were up earlier than usual this morning.  What good dogs we have, they wait patiently for us to get up - not a peep out of them until our feet hit the floor.  A real luxury for us.

early morning sun on the mountains across the lake

this view is worth getting up early!

Yesterday I said it was so quiet it almost hurt our ears.  This morning the air was full of sounds.  The huge pine tree in front of Beluga was alive with birds.  Over our heads we heard, then saw,  chickadees  (Mountain Chickadees, new to us), Clarks Nutcrackers (also new to us), nuthatches and woodpeckers.  They were having a free for all with the huge pine cones.    The Clarks Nutcrackers sat on the branches and pulled the seeds or nuts out of the pine cones and hammered them against the trunk of the tree.  As you might imagine, the left overs rained down on our heads!  We were able to protect our coffee and tea cups, but we couldn't avoid the junk in our hair!     We watched a solitary white pelican ride the thermals over the lake and then disappear.  Lovely.

a Clark's Nutcracker
The dogs really enjoy spending time outside, exploring all the good smells.  We've put down our usual mats for them to lay on, we set up our chairs so that the dogs will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax in the sun.   I just spoke about what good dogs they are - let me retract that.  Neither of them would settle down on the nice clean mats.  They both constantly chose the dustiest, stickiest spots to plop themselves down in.  First in the sun, then in the shade, but always in dirtiest piece of ground they could find...just like dogs!

Sasha's dusty dirty face.  And, Lewis is no longer a black standard poodle, he is now a  silver standard poodle.  Clouds form  when we pat them,  cough, cough.

Tomorrow we expect to get in the car and do a little exploring, auto hiking we call it.  There is so much to see here and I know we'll only touch on the highlights, but we're looking forward to our day.

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  1. auto-hiking!!! Love, love, love that term. Have a ton of fun and watch out for those old bears.

    We're off to PA to pick up the new refurbished antique village cart! Natural dark wood, bedford cord on the seats and straw-colored pinstripes on the wheels. It might be a long 6-hr drive!