Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday - last day in Bishop

Boo Hoo.  Our last day here in Bishop.  I don't know what it is about this little place, but we really love it here.  Can't be the campground, because we've certainly stayed at better places, but we'll miss Bishop just the same.

 Jesse asked why we just don't stay longer...a hard question to answer.  I guess we're moving on because we are anxious to see what is down the road.  If we had stayed at June Lake (which we also were in love with), we wouldn't have gotten to know Bishop, see?

Alma's Burro
Another interesting person showed up today, this is her "home" when she and her companion, Don, travel.  Her name is Alma and she lives in Burney, Ca. (tiny town between Redding,Ca., and Susanville, Ca.).  She and Don travel a few times a year with their tiny dog and leave their 7 cats home under her daughter's care.
They were parked a few spaces down from us and  she would wander around with her camera, hoping we'd be outside.  A real old sweetie, she stopped this morning to tell us they were leaving soon and to ask if she could take a picture of us.    They came to this area to go rock picking (her email address is "rockhound") and her pockets are filled with little rocks and fossils.  How could we refuse?  So, Cindy, if Alma actually sends me a copy of that full frontal picture, I'll post it for you to see!    You may wonder why I have her email address - she begged me to send her pictures of any interesting animals we see for the rest of our trip.  She was fascinated that alligators sun themselves at Florida golf courses and wants to see them for herself.

Are you tired of mountain pictures yet?

or pictures of alpine lakes?
(pay no attention to the hat brim at the  top of the picture...)

I hope you're not tired of these same old pictures, I don't think I'm done taking them yet.  At least until we get down low enough to be in the desert.

The lake in the above pictures is Convict Lake. Its a very small, clear, cold, deep lake not far from us in the Sierras.  Its one of a chain of glacier made lakes.  Every turn of these roads brings more hidden beauties.

Speaking of these roads, Dave just bought 4 new shocks for the jeep,  just in case.  We've been hearing "noises" under the car as we're  bumping down dirt/rock roads in search of new things, so its better to be prepared than surprised, right?

I hope this is the first and last shot of snow you'll see on this blog.  We drove back up to the June Lake area this afternoon, just to see if we had really dodged that bullet by leaving when we did....Yep, we did!

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  1. Alma sounds fascinating ...always good to meet another animal-lover! She must have a real style about her ...since you allowed your picture to be taken! Maybe it will be easier now!

    Enjoy "dodging the bullet" ...glad you're around such beautiful areas and stay away from that snow. Beluga's allergic!