Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This morning we enjoyed watching a couple local's working our waterside site.   A pair of bluebirds were considering moving into a martin house at the water's edge.    One of them checked out each hole in the house, going in and out and then chattering to the other one, waiting on our nearby post.
Must have been the guy waiting down below......

I don't know what the final decision was, or who made it.....    Meanwhile, two very busy and acrobatic little king birds zoomed around taking care of the little flying bugs that have been bedeviling Dave.    They don't bite, they aren't mosquitoes, but they swarm around his head and get behind his glasses - drive him out of his mind!

Small pleasures.

After our busy morning and second cup we loaded the dogs into the car and drove about an hour west to Livingston, TX and the Escapees Headquarters to pick up our mail.   When we were in the planning phase of our move from Florida we had considered staying at the Escapees Livingston campground but decided that the Sandy Creek COE would be more to our liking.   We're really glad we did.   To be fair, I won't go into detail but suffice it to say, we won't be staying with the Escapees in Livingston the next time we're in this part of Texas.    On the bright side, we picked up the large amount of accumulated mail (I finally have my new credit card!) and headed back to our peaceful spot by the lake.

our beautiful site from across the bay

Sadly we leave here tomorrow morning, drive northwest through Ft. Worth and on toward Amarillo with one overnight stop along the way.    We never saw the alligators, managed to avoid the fire ant  towers and thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the water's edge.

8 inch high fire ant tower - stay away!

Once again, we're watching the radar screen, keeping an eye to the sky and heeding the watch boxes so wish us luck.



  1. Sounds like some nice entertainment for you this morning:)

    Someone mentioned that the Escapee Park in Livingston wasn't in the best shape. Sounds like you may have agreed:)

    John has been watching the radar for you, as well. It looks a little shaky. Hope you can get out and make more progress west:) Safe travels!

  2. I wish you safe travels and hope those storm clouds veer to a different location. I can relate to these nasty weather, whatever it is it always stops us on track and pay attention.

  3. Sandy Creek is a great park. So many nice sites right on the water.

  4. Can't imagine a more beautiful place to stay in that area. I think you chose wisely :-) I'm starting to think that Spring travel is a dubious as Winter - I'm not liking all that wind and thunderstorm nonsense! Do love the simple pleasure of watching wildlife just doing their "thing". It is the ultimate freedom to be unshackled from a clock.

  5. Lovely site...could be a nice place to hunker down if those storm systems get recalcitrant. Stay safe.