Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Lewis just celebrated his 8th birthday.    I can't believe he's that old already.   I don't know where the time goes but I do know it moves too quickly.

just hours hold, lunching at Cafe MaMa

a few weeks old in the lap of dear Pat

He wants you to see what he did on his birthday.  I'll tell you, in advance, that he didn't do anything out of the ordinary but he still wants you to see so we'll humor was his birthday after all.

he slept in

enjoyed second cup on the balcony

took care of a little business

sniffed the fresh lake air

waited for Dave to come out of the bathroom.....

helped Dave try out the canopy (in case of  rain on the fireworks party night)

selected just the right pieces of wood to build the bonfire

and then supervised the worker

he made sure there were no mice hiding in the daylillies

and waited for Dave to come out of the basement

he enjoyed a bit of play here and there in the otherwise busy day

he waited for Dave to finish vacuuming Beluga

and rescued his "fish" from the crown vetch

He tried out Dave's new SUP
(please don't tell him one is supposed to STAND on it, not sit)

he enjoyed a relaxed happy hour on the lap of a friend

anticipation of a salmon and kibble dinner made him lick his lips!
(we tuck his ears into his collar at dinner time, keeps them clean and dry)

And then there was the annual, somewhat embarrassing, ritual of the taking of the birthday picture.....He's a very patient boy.


  1. Too darn cute! Made me smile inside and out :) Happy Bday Lewis!


  2. Well I enjoyed his day as much as he did! He sure keeps a good eye on his buddy Dave :-) The fish rescue is truly adorable. Your toes look lovely :-)))))

  3. What a helper! He sure has a good life. I look forward to seeing him out on the water helping Dave balance the SUP. Your property looks like a little slice of heaven.

  4. So glad Lew had a wonderful birthday:) Looks like a new green fish!! He is such a faithful shadow for his dad. There are never too many photos of Lewis! Hope Dave enjoys his SUP. Maybe Lew will ride it with him. We see lots of dogs on them with their people.

  5. Happy birthday, Lewis! I must say, that is a most excellent color choice in his birthday hat. The photos are so cute. Tucking his ears into his collar, hehe. Hilarious.

  6. Happy Birthday Lewis! You sure are a handsome boy 😊

  7. Ahhhhh, happy birthday to a cutie pie!

  8. What an awesome birthday Lewis. We sohould all take lessons from you...too darn cute! Hugs!

  9. On Sue! You have done it again! My new favorite blog post of Lewis (including a sweet picture of Mom!) What a wonderful treat for me this morning. Happy Birthday Lewis! You have brought smiles and laughter to so many people in your very short eight years. May you have many, many more and continue to regale all of us with your wild and crazy antics. All seen through the beautiful eyes of your loving Mother.

  10. Happy birthday, Lewis. Looks like you had a fantastic, fun birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday to the cutest dog in the world. He's such a sweet heart. I love the party hat on the nose.

  12. Lewis made me smile! He's so cuuute!

  13. It looks perfectly wonderful and a very SANE way to celebrate too! Jesse looks just like Dave in the strawberry bread eating photo. Your place looks beautiful!

  14. ARGH! I posted my comment on the wrong blog post. Oh well. You'll still understand what I meant. Happy B'Day Lewis!!

  15. Belated happy birthday Lewis, you sure had a great eight birthday! Such a cutie :)