Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A week already

We've been at the lake for one week today.   Not much excitement, but plenty of pleasure.

Dave fishes, Lewis holds the net

oof, oof, oof

the ivy under the Copper Beech is always cool on a hot day

The weather has swung from the low 90's with equal humidity to the 50s, brilliant sun and puffy clouds to pouring rain and scudding clouds.    Lewis has been having a ball "fishing" with Dave, peeing whenever the mood strikes him, ooffing at the bass boats plying the cove's waters, helping Dave outside and entertaining company.

Lewis helps pile the tree trimmings on the bonfire pile

Lisa massages Lew at Happy Hour

Lew escorts Nancy Jo

The only problem he has in this cottage is he isn't able to watch us both at the same time.    In Beluga keeping track of us is easy but here he has to be a little creative to keep an eye on both of us.

keeping an eye on me while he tries to rest on the couch

one of us is in the bathroom, one is in the kitchen....tough to find just the right
spot to watch us both

one on the deck, the other down on the grass....where should a guy sit?

So.....that's how Lewis has used his first week.    We've been getting caught up with laundry, taking care of some necessary appointments, enjoying second cup and happy hour outside (when it's not raining), supervising the dock installation, doing a little entertaining and filling some crocks and planters with summer color.   

I tend to lose Dave when we're in a Garden Center.   I start talking to him, asking his opinion about this or that, and then I realize he's not with me.....

Our niece Lisa came over for dinner on Dave's birthday.   His birthday cake was, as always, a strawberry/rhubarb pie.   This year I didn't make the pie personally.  We bought one at the Julian Pie Company  (Julian, California) in January and we've been dragging it all over the country (in the freezer of course) til the big day.   He'd been trying every trick in the book to get me to bake it before his birthday, but I remained steadfast.   Delayed gratification is good for you I kept telling him.     I have no pictures, it was gone too fast.

Lisa and Dave contemplate the world

Last night we enjoyed a visit from our much loved (and recently, sadly deceased) friend and ex neighbor Carm's daughter, Nancy Jo.   Carm lived in Tucson for the last years of her life and Nancy Jo lives in Amsterdam so we haven't seen much of her over the years.   She was a young girl when we first moved in next door to them and we've kept up with each others lives through Carm.   Nancy Jo is in the U.S. visiting with friends and we had such a lovely evening together.  The time flew by, literally and figuratively.

Beluga is in the shop for a check up and some routine stuff.   I feel oddly unsettled not being able to look out the window and see her.   Seems like part of the house is gone.    Hopefully she'll be back in a day or so and I'll be much happier.


  1. Beluga's crew is settling down very nicely and comfortably at home by the lake. Lewis is smart and skillful to find the best spot to watch you both especially that he has plenty of room to roam and pick a spot.

  2. "Not much excitement, but plenty of pleasure..." sounds like a pretty perfect beginning to summer! Glad Lew is keeping an eye on you two. :-)

  3. The pictures of Lewis are hilarious and so remind me of Dixie. We were so worried about how she would take to living in the RV, but she LOVED it because she could always keep an eye on both of us. I can imagine how poor Lewis feels having to manage this enormous space all the time! What's a puppy to do? Very stressful, indeed. :)

  4. As you already know, this is my kind of post (minus of photo of you know who). Lots of Lewis photos had us both smiling. He is just so darn cute! I'm glad that Lew is working out how to keep track of both of you. He must be exhausted at night keeping up with Dave and returning to the cottage to check on you. Hope he has finally found his night time spot. After the trip east, it is time to just sit back and enjoy the rest and relaxation of the lake. Love the photos of Dave smelling the roses:) I have five rose bushes at the house so he can sniff away when you visit!

  5. Thanks for the Nancy Jo photos! Just the way I remember her ...especially the 2nd pix. Arms wide open! Cute pix of Mr. Lewis and I love seeing the cottage again. The lake. The flowers. Niece Lisa. But without Beluga? Well life must seem upside down.

  6. Such a smart and entertaining pup Lew is! LOVE, LOVE the plant in the crock with the face! Very unique! You always find the cutest things! Looks like you all are settling in and enjoying life!

  7. Glad you two have found things to keep you occupied as Lewis is obviously very busy. LOL at the hallway sentry!! I wonder what he thinks about Beluga's absence? Such a lovely spot on the water, it looks even better this year :-) I love the deep, low windows. summer is off to a great start in NY!!