Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dave works

While John and Pam are away Dave is keeping busy.....

fitting the new piece

Beluga is a rather old girl (don't react to this statement, it hurts her feelings).   She needs regular check ups and careful maintenance to keep her fit and ready to carry us to all corners of the country.   Dave has been keeping an eye on one piece of structural metal below the water heater because he noticed it was coming loose.   Upon further examination he found the culprit, a rusted support member that needed to be replaced. 

the old piece!

He cut it out, had a new piece made at our old company and fastened it in place.  Problem fixed! 

Lewis likes to help Dave with everything so he positioned himself in the shade to supervise. 

 He's usually a dandy supervisor except that day he neglected to warn Dave about a low clearance area on the job.   A problem for Dave.

at least he's still smiling!

The next job Dave did was to install some abrasive strips on the deck's stairs.   In his exuberance to beat us all up/down the stairs, Lewis sometimes (think, often) misses one or two and ends up in some rather spectacular crashes.   He's no spring chicken anymore and we're concerned about his long legs so perhaps the non-slip strips will help him stick his landings.....

Again he supervises

he tests each strip as it's installed

and demonstrates that he can, indeed, use each and every step

Dave's last job this week was as my sous chef.   He's very obliging in the kitchen so I give him some of the more challenging jobs ('s I don't want to do).    Today's dessert was cherry/blueberry Clafouti so, while I prepared the batter, he pitted the cherries.

David purple fingers


And, if you give him a nice glass of wine he'll grill the pork tenderloin al pastor even if it IS raining outside.

After dinner, every evening, Dave and Lewis fish off the dock.   He says there are no more fish in the lake but Lewis loves the process so they do it each night.

Lewis thinks Dave is wrong, there certainly are fish, so they just keep casting....


  1. Ouch! Poor Dave. He is the handiest Lewis's new and safer steps. Cannot tolerate spectacular crashes! Is Dave right? No more fish in Conesus

  2. With all the projects Dave does, I bet he has 100 pair of single-use gloves in the shed. Cherries would have been a good use for a pair! And of course that old hard hat ...

  3. Glad Dave was able to get the piece repaired on Beluga. Sorry about his head. I believe most people who live in an RV vehicle wear a sign of low/sticking out areas that were missed. Lewis is taking such good care of his boss. Love, love that photo of Lew hanging down the steps. What a beautiful dessert! Too pretty to eat.

  4. Looks like Dave will have purple fingers for days...but that clafouti looks totally worth it!

  5. I have no idea what a clafouti is, but I would like one very much. Please mail me one asap. Thanks! :) Hope Dave is feeling better. I have bashed my knee into our bed platform no fewer than 4 times this week. These RVs are vicious.

  6. I'm going to design RVer helmets..... Dave is one industrious guy - sure handy for keeping Beluga safely running down the road! Of course you're totally holding your own in the kitchen :-) That pic of Dave and Lewis coming back up the dock is my all time favorite!!!!

  7. WOW....the clafouti looks amazing! And worth the purple fingers! Dave is quite the fix-it guy. Lewis sure looks he is having a great summer. Love it that he and Dave spend summer nights on the deck sweet and such nice memories!

  8. Clafouti! The first time ever heard of such delicious looking bread?cake?pie? What do you call the tool to remove seeds? So there is such a thing, cause I just had been slicing them out :(.
    Love your supervisor he is so helpful and gives feedback too. Ouch, I think our husbands need a hard hat when working under or around the motorhome.

  9. Yeah, our RV is getting old as well and needing a few repairs and updating. We still like her and have no intention of replacing her anytime soon (even though we talk about it). Good help is hard to find. I think you've got a couple of keepers!