Wednesday, December 11, 2019


If you're bored by pictures of beaches and restaurants, you probably don't want to read any further.....

Vilano Causeway Bridge

And...if you like to read instead of look at pictures, you probably won't want to go any further in today's blog.    We're not here to do exciting things, rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, kayaking, going to museums and galleries, etc.    We're here to enjoy the surroundings, eat fresh seafood and absorb as much beach as we possibly can.

"our" beach

if it rains, we drive on the beach at Porpoise Point
(red jingle bells are Rocky's Xmas decoration)

this sky is dark, not blue, and we wondered why the sailboat was heading out,
directly into the storm.....

"Off with his head"!

a flock of chickens greeted us at the pizza joint in Vilano Beach!

there were hens and roosters and chicks all heading for the trees to roost for the night!

from here they flew directly UP into the trees, cackling loudly as they flew

building clouds signal an imminent change in the weather
(view from our waterside dinner table at Caps On The Water last night)


Sunset over the River

Moon glow on the Ocean


  1. That looks really good, all of it. The outdoor seating is just lovely.

  2. Looks like you are in a great spot to enjoy seafood and relax with a glass of wine.

  3. Love the beach photos! There are never too many! Sure hope you are finding some great tasting seafood at your water side tables!!

  4. Nothin wrong with some downtime on the beach. That restaurant patio looks beautiful. Hopefully all of us will return to having perfect weather soon! The sailboats may need it just to survive!!

  5. Looks like paradise to me! Even without your usual rock climbing and ziplining, LOL.

  6. Looks and sounds like a little bit of heaven to me! I LOVE our beach time and the seafood that goes with it...happy you are enjoying both!

  7. Oh I the outside dinner patio at Cap’s? We have enjoyed several meals there over the past years?

    1. Good eye Gay! Yes, it is at Caps on the Water.

    2. Duh...I reread and you already answered...sorry!

  8. I love beaches, I love all the seafood in Florida and I missed those breezy days. But glad we had our fill last year. It sure looks like you have your little paradise there for the few months this winter.