Sunday, July 24, 2022


 More - more eating, more wine, more visiting with Jesse and Erin, more Molly, more acupuncture treatments, more beautiful weather, more lakeside lunches, more exploring, more critters - more summer in Spokane!

Jesse's Greek Meatballs with Lemon Orzo - Mmmm

Moules-frites at Francois Restaurant

Jesse cooks, Dave drinks

yummy Charcuterie board at downtown's Delicato

the Grain Shed's perfect Kouign Amann and strawberry cream pastry

Lew joins us for a quiet Rose' happy hour outside Beluga

Oh Erin....

walking through beautiful Manito Park on our way to an outdoor concert
Vivaldi's Four Seasons!

Turnbull Wildlife Refuge

beside the Spokane River

pretty lane in Green Bluff....we were on the hunt for fresh fruit

we bought pounds of these divine Rainier Cherries

the car smelled wonderful on our way home

one of our favorite lunch spots beside the river

a seed parachute landed on Dave's hat!

Needled Lew!
(don't feel sorry for him, Acupuncture = 15 minutes of hand fed freeze dried liver!)

performing his prescribed "sit/stand" exercises

brothers from another mother lunch beside Hayden Lake

Hey Moose!   he yelled from the else do you get a moose to look up?

Jesse's neighborhood turkeys out for an evening stroll


he's not the slightest bit embarrassed by his rainbow toenails.....

That's all for now.    Friday we leave for a little trip west.    Stay tuned.


  1. MORE for sure! What a greet time with family. We're now at one of your recent places - Susanville RV Park, working our way to Shasta. Looking forward to your trip west, as we head east from Shasta.

  2. And, I'll say the same, looking forward to reading about your trip East!

  3. Now I've seen it all--a cat with multi colored toenails! You guys are sure having a great time--the food, the wine, concerts, spending time with family--perfect! In years past Costco would have Rainier cherries--which don't compare with fresh picked but when you live in Montana we take what we can get.

  4. Ha! We commented on each other's blogs at the same time - we need to meet! Those colored, plastic toenail covers keep the furniture safe from the ravage of little claws....pretty clever. Mmmm, those cherries were/are soooo good.

  5. It’s Gay…and I will add more smiles, peacefulness, and memories. Your summer sounds perfect Sue. Love the kitty toes, a moose sighting, a swimming Molly, the smell of lavender, and sitting by the river. Hugs to Lewis…and hoping he feels much better.

    1. We're both enjoying some family time this summer - nice!

  6. Jodee Gravel7/25/22, 7:08 AM

    Looks like a most wonderful summer all around!! Definitely some sweet river spots and tasty vittles and wine. I thought it must take incredible patience to paint a cat's toes - then realize that although they are brilliant nail covers instead, it must still take real effort to get them on! Great idea, and very fetching :-) Love the little parachute on Dave's hat and the proper work distribution in the kitchen.

    1. Dexter doesn't mind the claw covers at all and lets Jesse put them on easily. Much nicer alternative to de-clawing don't you think....and snazzy too! On occasion he sports sparkly gold ones!

  7. Those multi colored nails are something else! Hilarious.

  8. Hmmm....I'm not getting blog notifications, but I checked in on you! Glad to see that you are enjoying such a splendid summer! Beautiful cherries and strawberries and lavender. Some of my favorite summer delights in the Pacific Northwest. And those Greek meatballs, yum!

    Lew is such a good boy to do his exercises. And Dexter is mighty sporty with those multi-colored nails. We keep Magnolia's nails short and she seems to have outgrown terrorizing the furniture, but I think she would look lovely with sparkly nails, LOL.

    1. I'm glad you checked in! I don't get notifications regularly so I usually check on my friends blogs with my first cup in the morning. I think Magnolia would look divine with sparkly gold nail covers - if she ever rediscovers her powers of furniture shredding you now have a humane and fashionable solution!

  9. Yummy food, water views, and family...perfect! Hope Lew is getting some relief from his treatments. Love that you are able to get him to do his special exercise on the step. What a sweetheart. I love seeing the brothers together in a photo:) I've never heard of the cat nail covers. What a great invention. Love those colors. Hope you don't melt during the heat wave. At least it is a short one.

  10. Once he figured out the pattern, he starts them whenever we both happen to be in the bedroom together! I've only eve seen the nail covers on Dexter, who doesn't mind them at all, I wonder if they'd work on other cats as well? I hope we don't melt either! Drag Races in Kent, WA are on tap for Saturday and it's forecast to be high 90's - YIKES!