Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday (oops, I mean Thursday)

Well, its Friday morning and I'm sitting here with a cup of tea.

First of all, Dave got back from his nighttime golf outing right after my post.    He was cold and cross-eyed from trying to see the ball, but he had fun. I'm so sorry if you were worried about him.  I didn't post anything last night because we got home late  from dinner and were bushed, so went straight to bed. Again, I didn't mean to worry anyone.

We left Astoria, Oregon yesterday around 10 a.m. and took 101 south to Seaside, Oregon, then turned east and eventually south on 26 towards Portland.  From there we picked up I-5 and sailed straight into Eugene.  At last!

Armitage County Park is our home for the next 14 days. (14 days is the stay limit, but I understand you can leave for the night and then come back in for another 14 days, so thats probably what we'll do)    It is about 15 minutes north of Jesse's house and just perfect for us.  Lots of room between sites, lots of trees, sun and shade, right next to the beautiful McKenzie river, with full hook-ups.  Water, sewer, good electric, cable tv and wifi, all this and a country setting too.

 We met Jesse at his house and spent a bit of time there, taking the nickel tour, and getting acquainted with beautiful Kikan (Erin's golden retriever) and re-acquainted with dear Miss Ruby. We had a quick dinner at Izakaya Meiji, a sort of Asian/Tapas place, then a little goodie at Sweet Life.  This is Eugene, after all!    By the time we got back to Beluga and took care of the dogs, I was too tired to sit down at the computer, so we went straight to bed.

The weather this morning is beautiful.  Sunny and warming up.  Dave took each dog for a good walk down to the river and I hope to check it out after breakfast.  We'll meet Jesse for dinner again tonight.  He's putting himself on lock-down this weekend because the GMAT appointment is bright and early morning in Salem, Oregon.

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