Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday

Not much exciting going on during the day for us, and we don't mind one bit.  Neither do the dogs.

We felt sort of guilty because we hadn't taken Lewis away somewhere to chase his ball so we found Fay Bainbridge Park not too far from us.  It evidently used to be a State park, but the word State has been crossed off all the signs.  Whats up with that?   At any rate we found a nice place to play ball a bit then took a short walk along the beach. The water was quite cold and the beach was pebbly with lots of huge driftwood trunks along the shore.  An interesting place for another visit I think.

We took the 5:30 Ferry into Seattle to have dinner with Jesse.  Its been the highlight of our days here.  So good to see him and his part of the city.  So many restaurants.  Last night's was called Restaurant Zoe.
Wild Boar Bolognese with Tagliolini, Salmon with peach and corn relish and apricot/peach crisp with sweet corn ice cream.  Mmmm.   Just made the 9:00 Ferry back home.

Today, Wednesday, we spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the Customer Service people for our brand new TV.  It is a special one for RV and Marine use, guaranteed to handle the shaking and bumping that we put it through driving down the road at 70 mph.  Also, it is supposed to be able to handle the higher humidity often found when people live in their RV.  Installed it in March, died in August.    Completely froze, nothing would move the channels, volume, etc.      Long story short, the company will send a new one to Jesse's house and we'll pack up the defective one and return it to them in the same box, postage paid.  Whew....lots of work to get that sorted out.   Dave needed a nap this afternoon.

Once again, we took the 5:30 Ferry to meet Jesse for dinner.  Its became a nice routine for us all, but tomorrow is the last day Jesse will be in Seattle.  He'll leave for Eugene on Friday morning.  Seattle has been a good experience for him this summer and we've really enjoyed seeing a different part of the city.

If you look very very closely, you'll see the huge, lurking shape of Mt. Ranier looking out over Puget sound.  Today was the first time we noticed it from the Ferry.  I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow on our way in to dinner.   It is shockingly high from sea level.

Ferry arriving in Seattle to unload and then refill for the trip back to Bainbridge
It was very warm here today and I think we'll sleep with the air conditioning on for the first time since we arrived in the Seattle area.  Good night.

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  1. Will you be going to Eugene too? or, what's next on your list? How many months before NY?

    I'll look forward to Mt. Rainier pictures...