Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Winter days can be beautiful.   Today was one of them to be sure.  The thermometer even cooperated and rose shakily to almost 25 degrees!   Gotta make hay while the  sun shines, however, because the high temperatures are forecast to be well below zero starting Friday.   Sheesh!

beautiful blue sky visible through one clerestory window

We even have a rather large flock of Eastern Bluebirds in the beech tree.   I tried to take some photos of them this morning, but they were way too busy drinking the slowly dripping water coming out of our breakwall.  I'll keep trying.   Dave says it stays liquid there because its coming out of the hill above us, through the French drains under the warm house and out through a hole in the breakwall.    Whatever the reason, these little blue beauties appreciate it enthusiastically and reward us with flashes of their stunning color in the mornings.

Lewis enjoys the warm sun since Mr. David clipped him Monday. 

Dave spent the morning taking advantage of the balmy day to use the tractor (while it still belongs to us) to plow a path from the Morton bldg. at the farm (where Beluga waits patiently) to the road in an effort to keep a route open for our March departure.    We know there will be more snow before then, but its a start.

After lunch we worked in the basement, trying to organize the boxes and furniture that Angel's guys stacked willy-nilly down there.     We made great strides and finally feel we have our arms around it all.

I know it looks like a warehouse, but believe it or not its really organized.   I even have a tiny potting table carved out of the mess.

And Dave has a small shop/grooming salon at one end.   He's tightening up our kitchen chairs for his first project.

Guys, guys, are you down there guys, can we come down now, guys, guys, can we?


  1. AAh the kids are so cute looking down the stairs!

    How wonderful you have storage space underneath. Looks like you've got plenty to keep you busy while the snow continues!

  2. I didn't realize that you had a basement!! Yes, storage!! Looks like it is very organized.

    The view from your window on to the lake is gorgeous. The snow is so bright white:)

    Love the doggies sitting at the top of the stairs. What well behaved pups:)

  3. The silver lining of cold and snow. The bluebirds must be so pretty to see. And here I was thinking you had such a sweet little home and you've been holding out on us...a cute little basement too! Fluffy blowing snow here at our temporary "hotel home" in Indiana, so it's coming your way neighbor. We have a u-haul in the parking lot and will be moving back into the Renegade today and tomorrow. Lucky us, it's parked INSIDE. Keeping positive thoughts flowing that we too can get out of the building next week and navigate country roads to the rest of our Amish crew for our new cabinets, countertops, and solar. Two of the three run their business from their farm--so it could get interesting. It's been in the 80's in Tucson all week. Sigh.

  4. Our lows are 52 so I can't imagine a high of zero! And we also don't have those stunning views out our window :-) I'm so glad to see you both have indoor "work" space in the basement! I wondered how Dave managed to get Lewis groomed without a garage. It's almost like you two designed the cottage just for you :-))))))) Love the sentries at the door!

  5. Always nice to feel like you have your arms around a project that big. Way to go guys!!!!! I hear they are predicting yet more snow for you as well. Unbelievable!

  6. You have a basement in the cabin? Looks like you're right on target for the March closing. Stay warm :-)

  7. That view from your window is beautiful and I like the way you captured and framed it!