Monday, February 23, 2015

this and that

Thanks to some intense nursing and a healthy body, Dave is feeling quite well.   He's still eating mush but he has no pain and is pretty much back to normal.

The weather was frigid, snowy but sunny here today.   We decided to take advantage of the relatively dry roads to transport my car from the soon to be someone else's garage to its new home away from home in Victor, N.Y.   I followed in the jeep.

The further we drove, the nastier the weather became.  Ah... the fabled lake effect snow squalls.   It became windy and snowy and whiteouty and our nice clean little car became decidedly not clean.  I could just feel Dave cringe as he drove on through the salt encrusted roads and blowing snow.   What can you do?

One more thing checked off our "list", the car is in the storage, being washed, covered, trickle charged and stored until we return in a year or so.  

After a few attorney related errands, we arrived home and found the sun still shining brightly.   If you haven't lived in an area with lake effect storms its hard to fathom the difference a few miles makes.
Take my word for it.

We ate lunch at our sunny table and enjoyed the sparkling ice covered lake views.  The dogs both seek out the patches of sun coming through the big windows.

Even the birds came out to bask in the sunshine, although they were puffed up to stay warm.   The high temperature today was 1.    February will be the coldest month ever recorded in this area.  Aren't we lucky to be here to bear witness?


  1. Dave is bouncing back quickly because he hired the pristine nursing services of Miss Suzy'´s Health and Wellness company. They specialize in mush-food that is healing, palatable and cooked to perfection with all the necessary nutrients. Smart decision, Dave!

  2. I guess I can't complain about my 33 degree day around you, can I?

    I bet you are happy to be gearing up for the road. Soon all this intense cold will be behind you...

  3. I imagine your view across the lake must be just gorgeous when the sun shines. Too bad it is so cold outside.

    I sure don't miss those days of salt covered cars with big ice chunks hanging behind the wheels.

    Glad Dave is feeling so much better:)

  4. I feel your pain sister! We've gotten a tremendous education in the wonders of lake effect snow during our month long encampment in Indiana. It's crazy how much it can change in just a few miles. We are still "driveway camping" in below zero temperatures which has been an adventure in itself. Today's adventure will be to try and find a honey wagon to come an pump out the tanks. We've been here for ten days and it's next to impossible to be conservative on that front in this frigid weather. If we aren't successful, we may be back in a hotel while they finish the cabinets and countertops. Argh! Hoping to head for Arizona sometime the first week of March--after we go back to the factory in Elkhart to try and figure out why our fridge completely quit working a few days after they put it back in the rig. Oh yeah! Did I mention we also have no refrigerator right now? Had to throw everything out as the fridge hit close to 60 degrees. Yippee! We have a cooler sitting out in a snowbank, but then we have the other extreme with liquids freezing. Double Yippee! Does Arizona really exist? Is it really actually WARM there? This remains to be seen. Sigh.

    1. It's a bad sign when you have to get in your refrigerator to get warm! Hope you're headed to warmer locales soon.

  5. I will definitely take your word for the lake effect storms - no thank you! Your little car looks so sad, but it sounds like she will be well taken care of :-) Nice to get those things off the list. I think sitting in the sun, looking at the sparkling frozen lake from inside is the perfect place to be when it's 1 outside :-))))) Glad Dave is up and at 'em again!

  6. She's not sad! Looks like she's keeping company with a Sunshine Yellow T-Bird and an Arizona Blue Sky Camaro. You sassy little thing you, hanging out with some muscle. :-)

    Oh, and an update on the Honey Wagon possibility--found one that has to crank himself up out of the deep freeze and is going to charge (wait for it...) TWO HUNDRED BUCKS to come pump out our tanks! Yeehaw!! We really don't have any other choice as we are sitting here half way through the cabinet installation and the whole rig is in a state of "not ready for travel" at the moment. All the RV parks are closed, and we very nearly couldn't even get this guy. He came to survey his challenge here and took our sewer hose with him to make sure he has the right adapter for his truck. We really ARE having fun now. One more week...oh please All Mighty just one more week...

  7. It looks to me like your car will be in good company! We don't have lake effect but the mountain effect does the same thing.....not only in miles but in minutes! :)

  8. Glad Dave is bouncing back, thanks to all the warmth and care of all his nurses.
    Congratulations too! Whew, now you can focus to your future travels.
    I still can't imagine what 1 deg feels like but sure glad you are there to report it to us.
    I thought all birds migrate south and yet the locals out there are bearing the cold like humans.