Saturday, October 24, 2015

Arch quest, part 2

Are you tired of seeing adults acting like children, playing in the rocks?  If so, do not continue reading this post....

Oh Pam.....

So, yesterday we set off, booklet in hand, to find the arches listed on page 13 (I think we're on page 13....).     Just past our campground, on rt. 395, we were stopped by a cowboy astride a beautiful chestnut Quarter Horse.   He was lazily waving his white hat at the traffic,  evidently a local signal to stop....

We complied, as did the tractor trailers and other vehicles, and another cow-person....cow-woman opened a gate and a large herd of Angus cattle proceeded slowly across the road.

A few stragglers were quickly and deftly handled by the two dogs accompanying the cow-people.     They were the star of the show for me.

After a few minutes everyone was across the road and headed out to greener pastures.    We had to laugh at the working dog.    After his job was done, he jumped into the full ditch and plopped down in the cold water up to his neck to cool off.    Dusty, hard work this cattle herding business.

On to the Alabama Hills to continue our quest....and lunch among the boulders.

John points - "its over there!"

no John...its not over there -
they're right behind you....turn around!

I have to admit, I don't remember the names of all the arches.   Its the journey you know....     If you'd like names, however, check John and Pam's blog - - Pam has the book.

interesting view of the inside of one of the archeds

Oh Dave.....

Pam wanders, seeking the slot canyon arch

here it is!

As borderline ADD folks (no comments please!) we did wander off task occasionally and were rewarded with interesting finds.   The picture below looked like a garden gate to me, complete with yellow flowers planted beside it.

the surface of these "posts" is very smooth
unlike the rough texture of everything else

this reminded me of a bullet wound....

I relax in my bean bag chair, while waiting for the others

Pam quickly brought us back to task and we all enjoyed another happy day in the boulders.

New friends, Lauren and Eric of invited us (Pam, John, Dave, me, Jodee and Bill) to their site in Tuttle Creek Campground for happy hour so we quickly took care of the dogs, made drinks and grabbed snacks and were only a half hour or so late to the gathering.

We sat outside talking and getting to know each other.   Eric provided a nice campfire to ward off the chill and Laurel served some yummy tomato compote from her garden, along with cheese and fruit.  We stayed until the fire no longer worked and we were frozen.     They were leaving early this morning so decided not to join the rest of us for dinner at The Grill, in downtown Lone Pine.  

 Another lovely day.



  1. What fun! Great shots of everybody! Your comments are priceless!

  2. So fun getting together with you guys around the campfire. You're doing a great job of finding those arches!

  3. Okay, those arches are pretty cool too :-) Love the garden gate - and the gardener too of course. You guys really do look like a bunch of kids playing in a playground - lucky, lucky!!! Great sunset pic!!

  4. I must say, it was a grand day!! I'm so glad we got the last book for this treasure hunt. It sure is making our explorations a lot more fun. Love your humor...I chuckled through the read:)