Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lee Vining to Bishop

We were scheduled to leave Mono Lake RV Park this morning.   This park served its purpose for us.   It was a safe, partial hook-up campground perfectly situated for the things we wanted to see and do.    Our site had no sewer connection and no television service but the view from the windshield was very entertaining.    We faced a very large green grassy area that was used heavily at night.   People would come in droves during the very late afternoon and evening hours and set up all variety of sleeping arrangements.    People set up all kinds of tents from tiny, coffin-like ones to large multi room jobs.     We were surprised at the number of people sleeping in their cars.    Big cars, vans, tiny cars, some held one person, some had families jammed in for the night.   Some small cars had tents attached,  some were painted bright green and purple with pop up tent sleeping areas on their roof - small rental vans called Juicy RV's.      By about 10 a.m. (after second cup) the field was empty and we had the place to ourselves again.... Very interesting but not very restful.

Lew keeps an eye on those bikes.....

    It was time to leave Lee Vining and head down 395 to our next stop, Bishop, California.

We're here at Highland's RV Park for the next week.   We have a shady spot with full hook-ups and TV.    The only bad thing is that our internet is as slow as I've ever seen it.    It took half an hour to load the picture above, so don't expect much in the way of pictures this week.    Too bad though, its a beautiful area, one that we really love.     I'll try to tell you what we see, as best I can.   Perhaps earlier in the day we'll have better coverage so stay tuned.

Tomorrow we're off to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest with Pam and John.

taken near our campground in Bishop


  1. Ahhhhhh....Bishop!!! I can't deny I'm a little jealous :)

  2. Catching up on all the days of posts I've missed. I'm loving them!!!

  3. Doesn't look like we'll catch up with you - I think we're going to spend next week at Crowley Lake. I'm sure we'll find you guys this winter sometime :-) Saw one of those Juicy RV guys on the road at Twin Lakes and wondered how that was an RV - thanks for clarifying! Enjoy the Bishop area.

  4. Loving.....the name: Bristlcone Forest. Hope the internet takes an amphetamine tomorrow so that it can stay up with entertaining the rest of us!