Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, a week later

We've been busy here in Tucson.   Lots of friends in the area mean lots of happy hours, visits  and dinners out.    I took pictures at some of them, and forgot at others!

One day this week, (I can't keep track of which day we did what) we drove towards the Catalina wilderness and Bear Canyon to visit with friends Tina and Ron at their beautiful new (to them) home.

Tina and Ron

We spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful day and great conversation in their colorful back yard before heading home.    We hadn't seen them in a year, we had lots to talk about.

One evening we joined MonaLiza and Steve (, Hans and Lisa ( Pam and John ( and Marsha and Paul ( at Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and dinner.  We'd never met Marsha and Paul and enjoyed our time with them.

Last night we met Rick and JoAnne Morgan at Vero Amore Restaurant in Marana, just a bit north of us.    We picked it because it was close to halfway between our two rv parks - they've been staying up at Picacho Peak for a few months.    Its too cold in their home state of Colorado!

We realized it has been almost two years since we last saw each other and there was a lot to talk about!

Rick and his lovely bride, JoAnne

One day Dave and I drove up the beautiful road to Mt. Lemmon    On the way up you pass through forests of Saguaro, beside a rushing stream, past huge and fascinating rock formations, multiple thundering waterfalls, into pine forests and end in piles of snow!   It is quite a ride.

pay no attention to the bullet holes.....

a little postprandial relaxation

hard to resist picking up pretty rocks.....

two of the seven cataracts

fantastic clouds this day

brrrr, snow piles
sandals and snow....
Today we drove south on I-19 to do a bit of birding in Madera Canyon.

the creek was so very clear and colorful
Once in the area we turned off on Proctor Road, a rough dirt road with dispersed camping along its length.    After crossing a small creek and a cattle guard we were pretty much all alone.    We stopped frequently to pan the mesquite trees for possible birds and anything else of interest.

We stopped for lunch where the road ended in a small wash.    Afterward we walked around a fence and continued along the wash for a nice short hike following small flocks of birds as we moved along.

down we go

the Jeep's front bumper makes a nice seat!
these brilliant white branches host wonderful birds
a very busy lady Ladder-backed Woodpecker

spring begins tentatively along the stream
I took pictures of some of the birds we saw, and some we just enjoyed watching.

dark eyed junco

first the "boys" came to drink (western bluebirds)

and then the girls

The sunsets have been wonderful almost every night.

I can't believe how fast the time is going.   We only have three more days left before we leave and we've so many more things we want to do!      


  1. First of all, are we both up at 3:30 a.m.?? 🙄 It was so great to see you and Dave! We really enjoyed our visit--but it went by too fast. You've beaten us up to Mt. Lemmon--we've been so busy with remodeling, we haven't even done that yet ourselves. Soon...

    Your Madera Canyon drive looks lovely too. Did you know they closed the hiking trails there for a while a few months ago because of bears? Such an interesting area for wildlife and birds all around Tucson. A few days after your visit, I found evidence javelinas had actually been right on our front porch snuffling around. Yikes! Enjoy the rest of your stay, and let's catch up again BEFORE an entire year has gone by!

  2. Tina and Ron's patio is lovely.
    I just knew you were going to pick that photo to put on your
    We love Madera Canyon and did the most awesome hike there a few years back.
    I still haven't been able to get a photo of a road runner...darn the bad luck. See y'all soon.

  3. There is a wealth of wonderful activities and so much beauty to enjoy here in Tucson and the surrounding areas. Driving up to Mt Lemmon never gets old. There are so many places to explore on the drive up. Madera Canyon has something for everyone. Thanks for taking us with you as had fun exploring:)

  4. A great week of exploring and get together with friends!

  5. What a beautiful view from that patio! That's a great gathering of friends - quite envious I am. Cute margarita blonde :-) Can't believe how much more water there was in the falls - you got great pics!!! We will have to do Madera when we come back, it looks like a perfect area, especially with all the critters. Love the elusive deer.

  6. Looks like so much fun with friends—but I can't see you for that margarita! (Wait—you knew that, didn't you??) That is a very lovely shot of your nicely pedicured toes in the snow, though.