Thursday, February 16, 2017


Tuesday was Jodee and Bill's last day here.    They asked us if we wanted to take the Jeeps out and have a little fun; yes said we!

Jodee and Bill lead the way past one of the huge Power Parasol's here at
the KOA/Lazydays.

Jodee had a plan, so we simply followed their mango tango jeep through the campground and east to Redington Road.

The pavement ended and the road became a wide rutted dirt road as we climbed through a virtual forest of Saguaro.

We stopped along the way for photographs and to scan the near hillsides and distant mountains.    Its fun to look for the elusive crested Saguaro (and we have to report them to Pam), waterfalls, assorted animals and desert life in general.

Bill and I demonstrate correct binocular stance

don't count his old guy out - bullet ridden, head blown off
he still continues to grow

But its also fun to notice what is right underfoot.

these tiny cacti looked as if they were covered in lace

The cloud formations were fantastic and they only enhanced the expansive views.

I knew there were a number of natural "tanks" or water holes along this route.

We decided to head for one named Josephine Tank (in honor of our leader, Jodee) for lunch.   You know how I  like to have lunch by the water.

Best laid plans.....It turned out that Josephine Tank was a hike-in only trail so Bill suggested we backtrack a bit and try and find Race Track Tank.

The heretofore beautiful clouds were beginning to join up and darken but we were sure our trusty Jeeps could get us where we wanted to go.

 After turning off Redington Road onto a spur the track became more eroded and difficult so we decided to stop for lunch and then decide whether it was wise to continue to on to find the Tank.

We set up our gourmet repast on a large rock in the middle of a low running stream and enjoyed sandwiches and conversation to the sound of a tiny nearby waterfall.

formal family portrait

It was decided to finish our drive to Race Track Tank, we knew we were close.

should we or shouldn't we?

we'll stay on this side

Bill and Dave walked and talked.    Jodee, Tessa and I explored the shoreline a bit and took some pictures.

stealth is necessary when photographing the shy Jeep in their natural habitat

Race Track Tank

We soon realized that the spots appearing on the water were not fish hits or bugs but were, indeed, raindrops.    The weather had finally caught up with us.    It rained lightly on our way home.  

 We're so glad we shared this great day with our friends.



  1. What a fun day with another Jeep buddy:) Aren't the Fairy Dusters so pretty:) You got some great photos:)

  2. Love the cloud reflections on Race Track tank! Nice capture of the elusive Jeep in its natural habitat!

    Hope to see you two soon!

  3. Such a fun day!! Great to have pics of the Jeep out playing :-))) Your reflections on the tank and the tiny pincushion cactus are awesome. Wonder what it will look like out there after the weekend's big storm???

  4. Looks like a very fun day with Bill and Jodee and Tessa. I enjoy your photographs of the grand beauty of the landscape and sky, and also your captures of tiny exquisite things like the pincushion cacti and fairydusters.

  5. Great photos of those cloud formations above and the little beauties at your foot. A beautiful day with jeep buddies. Too bad we missed Bill and Jodee :(