Friday, July 14, 2017

relaxing and entertaining

Most of the work around here is finished.   We've been continuing the entertaining and visiting part of our stay.   Sometimes I remember to take pictures, sometimes I completely forget.   I'm not as good photographing people as I am "things" - and Lewis of course.

He wanted that floating stick soooo bad,   Well, not bad enough to swim out for it.

After the busy time of Jesse and Erin's visit and the Lake of Fire we all spent a bit of time resting and recharging.

they're not resting...the ball is under the dresser and they're discussing the
best way to retrieve it.

Dave took a few hours to enjoy a few of the floating things we have managed to accumulate this summer.  

we borrowed Lisa's kayak

It makes Lewis very nervous when we go for a swim.   That translates into a screaming poodle following as far as he feels he can and then racing up and down the dock trying to "save" us.    Its funny at first, but wears thin quickly.

come back!

We ran errands, had lunches at some of our favorite restaurants and began to order things for some Beluga upgrades.   Before we went refrigerator (Beluga) shopping we ate at our favorite Greek restaurant, Olives, and then walked across the parking lot to browse in one of Dave's favorite stores, Pittsford Lumber.

He so much loves walking the rows of exotic woods, running his hands down the different grains, inhaling their fragrance, remembering his time at the School for American Craftsmen at R.I.T., chafing under the hand of Wendell Castle.   He loves looking at the racks and shelves of woodworking tools, antique and state of the art.

isn't nature beautiful!

Dave did spend a little time cutting up some of the left over bonfire wood into pieces that would fit the chiminea.   He had some nice oak skids in the pile and they make a hot and long lasting fire.

We had a bit of excitement the other night when our friend Barb came for an overnight visit (keep your comments to yourselves.....)  We were sitting by the fire, enjoying moon rise on one of our rare clear nights.

The chiminea was burning merrily, hotly, and we noticed smoke coming from behind it.    Dave told me that the spot I had chosen to locate the chiminea wasn't a good one.   It was too close to the deck railing post and probably would cause it to burn.    What does he know!   We had a few fires in it previously and all was well, he was just overthinking it.

Soon the smoke became a bit more obvious and when we looked behind the chiminea we saw that the post was, indeed, catching fire.    Mea Culpa Dave, you were right, I was wrong.  It was probably due to the hard oak burning so hot, but his prophecy had come true regardless.   We will be moving it this week.

Barb and I enjoyed the rest of the evening by the fire and Dave stood behind it with my sprinkling can, pouring water on the post in between sips of wine.   What would we do without him.

Wednesday night we had a great four hour dinner with a lovely couple who are considering getting "on the road" in their motor home after retirement.   They are acquaintances of our dear friend Tom and he suggested they call us to talk about our experiences.    They did and we did and we are happy to have two new friends in this wonderful traveling community.   No pictures, sorry.

Last night Don and Carol came down for dinner.   The weather didn't cooperate and allow us to eat outside, but we did manage to get a decent happy hour in under Beluga's awning.

That's pretty much all for now!


  1. Thanks for including all the Lew photos! There's room on the paddle board for Lew. Would he ride with Dave? He is going to need to enjoy swimming if he wants to be with you. We've been there with the ball search under the dresser. Lew is a great helper:)

    Glad you didn't burn down the porch!! More fun friend times!!

  2. LOL the dresser pic! And the resting ducks :-)))) No fair having a disclaimer on the overnight line :-( Those wood planks are beautiful. I can understand Dave's love of all those possibilities (although I am not formally trained). Your deck is so delightful and it's wonderful that you're having lots of fun folks to share it with. Smart to keep a watering can nearby.....just in case he's right :-)))))

  3. Sounds like a little bit of heaven Sue...well except for the porch railing! Joe would absolutely LOVE the walk through the lumber shop...we both enjoy the look, feel and smell of wood. The purpleish planks are gorgeous! Lew is too funny! I agree with Pam, he needs to jump outside his comfort zone and tread a little further out in the lake...I bet he would really enjoy it if he did! The moon shot is gorgeous!

  4. Just a follower here...mostly because I caught sight of Lew from anothers blog. :-) My girl is a smaller version of Lewis and is a swimming maniac. Have to keep her leashed on boat until we get to safe harbor for her to go overboard (I live in Destin FL, bull sharks abound in deeper waters, so am overly cautious where we drop anchor), however, I have a big cafe au lait parti boy that is like Lewis in wanting to scream for us to come back in! He will go out with us on Crab Island, but not happily. Is it a male thing? Not sure as he is my first male, but most definitely not my last. Love following your adventures for past couple years as am working toward the same soon. Am also following some of your fellow blogger/real friends as well now (thank you folks for giving your knowledge). Knowledge of what to expect is good planning. I thank you all. Oh, and tell Cindy P, I am a FL gal, but the sun will always shine bright on My Ol' KY Home! She is in a beautiful part of that glorius state. GO CATS!

  5. Hilarious shot of the two boys retrieving the ball. So glad you didn't burn down your deck! Beautiful full moon, and those purple heart planks of wood caught my eye (of course). :-))

  6. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer in your "new" cottage! Lewis is so photogenic and funny!

  7. Well you have been busy! I am so glad just knowing you are home in your darling lil cottage on The Lake!
    And I am especially honored to be mentioned in the Comments by 2Spoos! Yes, loving the beautiful state of KY.
    Oh, you want to know what my favorite photo is? Lewis n Dave under the dresser, of

  8. The full moon shot is the best ...oh wait, no, its Dave and Lew searching for the ball! Thank God, you did not burn the house in the lake. Too bad, sometimes our hubbys are right :(
    I like that artwork of the devil and the gorgeous lady.