Saturday, July 22, 2017

visitors and a bit of work

We continue to enjoy friends and family visits.

Cousin Bill and his wife Patty

Cindy and Norm K

We continue to stress our friendly and patient post office employees with numerous packages.    Now that we're in one spot for awhile we've both been ordering things we have held off on while on the road these past few years.

Dave bought a new grill and he's getting the hang of it.   Last weekend he grilled with overhead entertainment provided by Geneseo's National Warplane Museum.
The burgers were only slightly overcooked, it was hard to keep his attention focused you know.

We bought a new kayak and returned Lisa's with our thanks.   Dave slips away often for a quiet glide along the lake's shoreline.

Nina and Paul et al have brought "the beast" and settled into Beluga's driveway spot for a few weeks.   Both motorhomes fit nicely in the driveway and it's so pleasant to visit with them on a relaxed schedule.   We haven't seen them for a year so we have lots to catch up on.

Our buddy sites with a view

everyone likes sitting in the ivy, even Taggart

Lewis is enjoying his visitors enormously (they've come specifically to see him, haven't they?) and it's fun to see how he and Polly relate to each other as adults.  They play a bit but mostly just walk around and sniff things together. Occasionally they lift their heads and bark (in unison) at nothing in particular.      Mostly Lewis wants to go inside the beast.   It has kitties.

In their younger days they were insane, playing and romping and running together.    They kept us in stitches!

in Quartzsite, Polly would wait outside Beluga until Lewis noticed her and came out to play

Nina had their attention at White Water Draw
they used to be darn hard to photograph, just a black blur...

Sometimes Polly will come into the cottage on her own, if I leave the door open.  She knows where the treats are and enjoys receiving them but politely waits until someone notices her.

She also enjoys her daily swims.   When Paul swims, she races him.  He lets her win, she likes that.

he's gaining on her!

Lewis participates by flying along on the dock next to them, or encouraging from the shore.    Different strokes for different folks.

Dave and Paul have kept busy working on their mobile homes.   Dave really has a great time with Paul and they get lots of work done together.   Later on I think they'll find some time to play some golf.

this day they're taking Beluga's washer out and tomorrow the refrigerator goes, oh dear....

Dave and Paul kindly allow Lewis to help

Thursday night we had a good dinner at the Rabbit Room and have shared second cup and happy hours together most every day.

Life is good when friends visit.


  1. Looks like a wonderful summer for you three. Are you replacing your frig and washer? We just put a residential refrig in. I am so excited!

  2. What a lovely post with some great pics!

  3. What a fun time with Paul, Nina, and Polly:) I LOVE all the dog photos, especially my buddy. How cute that Lewis runs along the dock to encourage the swimmers. He is such a caring boy:)

    Oh, boy, a new W/D and frig! I new W/D is a lot heavier than the old one. They have put a larger and heavier balance plate in the top so it much quieter and much more stable. What will you do with the old one and the old frig?

    Enjoy your company:)

  4. Oh, how sweet that you're sharing your beautiful place with Nina and Paul! It sounds like you're having a grand time. And it also looks like you're going to get a lot of work done with the boys combining forces on projects. Cute doggie photos and kitty photo. Everyone is having fun. :-)

  5. Your patio is quite the social hub! And I had no idea the cottage has two stories - great pic from the lake. How exciting to get new appliances, and wonderful to have Paul's help. Looks like the pups are having fun, although more subdued :-) They are both adorable.

    1. The lower level is storage and basement. It is plumbed for a second bathroom at some point and if/when we sell the next owners could put two bedrooms down there.

  6. looks like you two are enjoying your spot quite nicely

  7. The sweethearts will have the best summer ever! Love all their photos goofing off and watching their dads at work and play.
    I did not know your cottage is two stories! It looked like the cottage by the lake is the social hub this summer.

  8. Everyone in WNY has missed you (even a couple from KY) so they better hurry and see you there while they can. You guys don't stay with your feet in one state for very long!

    Loved the Lewis and Polly collage. Yes the years have passed! Cindy

    Nice to be in one spot to take care of dwtails like appliances, doctor appointments, checking On Duck Populations, Ordering Packages, Visiting Friends And Families, Big Parties For Ring Of Fire, And Buying Vermont Cookie Love Treats For Dear Friends! Yup You Got The Good Life Gig!

    I Miss You!

    Fall will be here before you know it and you'll hit the road again with renewed enthusiasm, vibrancy and spirit.

    By the way Taggart is adorable!