Monday, September 4, 2017

what we've been doing

Dave is continuing his summer of work, this week in Denver.  Jesse and Erin's house was damaged by a hail "death storm" earlier this summer and they are having the siding and roof replaced next week.    In the meantime he is making some profile changes so he and Dave are spending time figuring angles, pounding nails and consuming copious amounts of water.    With temperatures in the 90's, the roof is a hot place to be.

do you see Dave up there?

I have spent the time, the longest time we've ever been apart, cooking and baking to stock Beluga's freezer in preparation for our departure at the end of the month.
The weather here has been cool, fallish really,  and rainy.   A few days of strong south east wind has kept the boat in a constant state of agitation.   It's been yanking against its tethers and has managed to twist one of the dock stanchions in it's efforts to escape.   So far so good, there is nothing I can do about it so I watch.    The wind is changing today so there will be rest for it.

Last weekend Dave and I were invited to dear friend's lovely home for dinner and a bonfire (bonfire is an extreme understatement).   We became friends when we were both raising dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and have enjoyed each other's company for many years now.  Neither of us is "doing" guide dogs anymore, but Barb and Bob still have a house full of Labs and Goldens (all rescues), so our visit had a definite  deja vu component...

this old Goldie knows I have a big soft spot for that face......

Dave is a sucker for a black Lab.

and kitties!

We sat outside and enjoyed happy hour amid the fragrance of ripening peaches.

Bob cooked a huge prime rib on his outside grill we enjoyed a delicious meal complete with Barb's soft, home made rolls and a plethora of her garden veggies.
She sent us home with a box of beets, edamame, zucchini, tomatoes, cukes, etc. and the rest of those heavenly rolls.

don't drop it Bob!

Barb is a fantastic baker and she knows that Dave has a weakness for her chocolate chip cookies (my favorites are her lemon sugar cookies - she brought them for our 3rd of July party), so a huge pan of them, straight from the oven, was our desert.

We took them outside to eat by the fire.    Oh....the fire.   Bob outdid himself on that huge bonfire.    We had to sit a half mile away from it to avoid melting our sneakers!

After a while, and a few more cookies, we were able to move in closer and enjoy its warmth.

It was so good being with them again.   We send best and loving thoughts their way.


  1. Are those peaches from the 'western slope'? those Palisade peaches are so good!!! I get tired just hearing of all the projects Dave takes on, but a roof? That's a back breaking job. Nice that he has the talent and desire to do it.

  2. The poor guys! Too bad that Denver is having the record heat, as well. Looks like a huge project. But I am sure Dave and Jesse are enjoying their time together:)

    What a wonderful evening with friends:) The dinner sounded luscious. And that was quite the "bonfire!"

  3. I agree with Pam - quite the bonfire! Yummy looking peaches. Yep, Colorado knows a thing or two about hail. Hopefully their cars survived unscathed.

  4. I'm sure Lewis took good care of you in Dave's absence. Wow that is a gorgeous fire - great photo!! Sounds like a better haul than a trip to the farmers' market :-)

  5. I sure would love to feel fall in the air!

    Your friends garden bounty is gorgeous and very tasty looking!

  6. That was a spectacular bonfire! How fun to be able to enjoy it, unlike those of us in the west right now. There's finally a fire ban on Lopez, as of last week. I'm surprised it took so long, given that most of the west seems to be on fire this year (but not the island, thank goodness). I like your artistic photos of peaches and loved ones! Happy baking and cooking....tell us what yummy things you've been making. I like details. :-))

  7. What a wonderful evening with friends! You & Jesse are quite lucky to have Dave's Handyman Service !