Friday, September 22, 2017

last week

Michael.....I have no way of contacting you so, to answer your question - the new refrigerator runs off the inverter (a relatively new modified sine wave) when we are not plugged into shore power.   So far so good!

We're down to our last week at the lake.  We're getting in a few more visits with friends and organizing the house and motorhome. 

   Last night we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, the Rabbit Room, with Robin and Tom.   It was a celebratory dinner of sorts.    Through Tom's contacts we were able to sell my car, my sweet Mercedes convertible.   It went with mixed feelings.   I loved that car, a 50th birthday present from Dave, but it became very clear to me this summer that it doesn't fit into our lifestyle anymore.   It sits in storage most of the time and that isn't good for a beautiful machine (or our pocketbook!).    So now it will be driven and loved and we have one less thing to take care of.    In the "its a small world department", it turned out that the gentleman buying my car had been to our farm years ago to buy Corvette parts from Dave.   He remembered the house and Dave from those visits and they had a good chat about the all the 'vettes Dave bought and rebuilt through the years.

Monday and Tuesday our friend Judi came for a sleep over.  We always enjoy her company and we all had a good time watching the new Dancing With The Stars on Monday night. 


We took the boat out for one last tour around the lake in the afternoon.   It was a beautiful, warm day and we enjoyed the quiet lake.   As I said in my previous post, boat traffic all but stops after labor day, something we very much enjoy.    Mostly.     Monday, not so much.     The three of us were deep in conversation as we motored along when Dave shut off the engine so he could hear what we were saying without the hum of the motor.   That's what Judi and I thought.    What really happened is that the engine just bucking or chugging, just stopped.    And - it wouldn't restart no matter what Dave tried.    Now what do we do.   Nice quiet lake with no one else around, no other boats in sight.   

Finally, we sighted one party boat (pontoon boat) in the middle of the lake and Dave waved his arms and flagged it down.   The man was happy to tow us home so we finished our boat ride at the end of a rope.

Ah well, all's well that ends well, right?    The next problem we had was that Jerry was coming to pull the boat out and take it to his barn for the winter, the very next day.    Without an engine, how would we get it to the boat launch to meet Jerry and the trailer?      Once again, the multi-talented Mr. David's Disabled Marine Delivery Service sent his strongest worker to us and he used an oar to do the job.    We all thought he would have to jump in the lake and pull the boat along, but he was much too clever for that.....

Lewis wondered what was happening.   He stood on the dock and watched until they were out of sight.

So, that's what has been going on here this week.   I was at a different grocery store yesterday and I got a little "tingle".......I was walking the aisles, seeing different products than our local Wegman's carries and I felt like I was somewhere else, somewhere on the road and I got that familiar little tingle!   Sunday's the day!

In the last post I talked about the signs of fall here at the lake.   Lewis reminded me that I forgot one very important indicator of fall.....woolly caterpillars are on the move!


  1. It seems the boat could have waited to die once it was in storage!

    Safe travels you three...hope we see you in San Diego or AZ this winter!

  2. Love Lew resting on Judi:) What I believe he is thinking is...where is Gramma Pamma!! Glad Dave was able to get the boat to the area for taking it out. How nice that you had the boat to enjoy part of the summer.

    Safe travels Sunday! We're counting the days til Jan!!

  3. Bitter sweet to let a special vehicle go - nice that she went to someone with family history :-))) That looks like a helluva rowing job! So exciting to get back on the road!

  4. I hope the boat launch wasn't too far away -- that would not be an easy boat to paddle!! I'll bet you have lots of fun memories of zipping around in the Mercedes. And now you've made room for more and different memories. :-) Safe travels as you return to the road!

  5. That Dave is one creative guy.
    Y'all have safe travels.

  6. Dave is super talented and strong to tow the boat using an oar. It must have been tough in letting go of something that you've made lots of memories but if it does not fit in the current life, why let it rot in storage.
    Summer whizzed by and soon we will see you somewhere in the southwest!

  7. Sweet photo of Judi with that black poodle doing the Lean on Me.

    The road is calling....

  8. Lewis is so dang cute, standing on the dock. He is such a good dog. Have a great trip west this fall.