Sunday, October 1, 2017

We're off!

As a result of my recent job emptying and cleaning the refrigerator, we HAD to finish the dregs of summer's margarita pitcher....I couldn't just pour it down the drain could I?

And.....we just had to have those last margaritas on the dock, it was going to be taken out and put away the very next day.    What choice did we have?

Dave gets the dock ready for removal

A few more jobs needed to be done before we could actually close up the cottage and drive away.    Hair.    All of us needed to have our hair cut.    Mr. David's Mobile Poodle Grooming and Hair Salon arrived just in time.    Lewis is a very good customer.    He is quiet and patient with Mr. David, but that doesn't mean he necessarily enjoys the process.    As a matter of fact, he tries to make himself scarce when he gets "the call".

He often feels that the lower stair landing is a good hiding place.   Not this time.   Mr. David had set up shop in the basement so Lewis was clearly in view.

Long story short, we're all cut and beautiful now, ready to hit the road.

Last night and this morning we finished closing up the cottage, turning off the water, unplugging everything, emptying and cleaning the refrigerator, dumping all the happily growing plants (I swear I could hear them scream as Dave tossed them away) setting the furnace to it's winter setting, getting keys to the fabulous Fred.

Lewis knows something is different, something is coming, but his little pea brain doesn't know exactly what.....

So, he stays out of the way and watches from the couch and his pile of pillows.

The weather has been wonderful this fall.    Warm, sunny and clear.  It seems to have slowed down the tree's fall colors, but we don't mind.   We've seen them before.   Another harbinger of fall is the heavy morning fog covering the lake. 

This morning the sun was trying to shine through, perhaps to wish us good bye and safe travels.

We spent last night in Beluga in the driveway so we could make a clean break this morning.   It felt great.

view from Beluga's bedroom window this morning
(we're taking the hibiscus tree to Jesse and Erin for the winter)

hooked up and ready

pulling out of the driveway

   We only drove as far as the Erie KOA in McKean, Pennsylvania (about 190 miles).     It's been a busy few days and this is far enough for one day. 

    At happy hour tonight Dave looked at me, smiled a huge smile and said "I like not having anything to do....home is a lot of work.   And we go!


  1. Safe travels, we hope you have a great winter!

  2. Safe travels! Happy trails to Lewis; new ones to explore!

  3. Oh goody, goody, goody!! I'm so excited, and I `can hear it in your "voice". Funny how sometimes we just have no choice but to drink a margarita on the deck :-))

    I bet Lewis is already making his traveling couch as comfy as the one in the cottage. He is such a sweet boy!

  4. Lew most definitely looked concerned. He doesn't like change. I'm sure by now he is remembering the way it was before summer.

    Good for Dave to get back to vacation life:) Safe travels as you move across the country. We are counting the days til we meet!

  5. Oh YAY!!!! So exciting to be back on the road! I think all Lewis cares about is that he doesn't get left behind (as if that could ever happen!) :-)

  6. So excited for your trip out West!! I'll be drooling over your adventures and pics.