Saturday, October 21, 2017


The Denver area isn't new to us, we've spent a fair amount of time here.   As a result, we aren't really ranging too far from our site at Chatfield State Park and Jesse/Erin's house in Wheat Ridge.   Most nights we share dinner together either at a favorite restaurant or at their home.

the lenticular "wave" clouds have been beautiful lately

We (Lewis) are enjoying the antics of the resident prairie dogs and tiny bunnies living here with us.

Their "town" appears to be a mixed neighborhood.  They seem to share the same holes in the ground, however they work that out we don't know.    Lew is a very good boy and, while extremely and intensely interested, doesn't chase or worry them.

We've gone into the small historic downtown area of nearby Littleton for a stroll and ice cream.   We'll have dinner there on Monday.  It's a pleasant place to walk.

every corner was decorated for Halloween

I think they have a good sense of humor here.  Below is one of two similarly named shops.    The other is Lewis and Bark - obviously a dog supply boutique!

The weather continues to be glorious, sunny and warm with brilliant blue skies and luminous yellow and red trees.

Dave has been slowly working around Beluga.   He finished polishing the two wheels that he couldn't get at while she was parked at the lake.

Since we have been sitting in one place for a few weeks and have a place to receive packages, he ordered new baggage door locks to replace 4 that have been close to breaking for awhile now.    All fixed!

Yesterday Dave and I drove up to Boulder for lunch with friends Rick and JoAnne at The Med.   I took my camera into the restaurant, I really did, but didn't seem to find time for a photo.   We were only there for 3 1/2 hours after all!

After lunch Dave and I stopped at Rincon Argentino to pick up a couple dozen of their fabulous empanadas to stow in our freezer for a rainy day.....

We love the drive up.   We pass huge, narrow spines of rock that make me feel an ancient stegosaurus is lying just under the surface, waiting.

Our neighbor here at Chatfield is the camp host and he very generously brought over a large bundle of wood.   He wanted us to have a campfire.   

In retaliation for splitting my head open when we first arrived, we decided to set the ring on fire last night.   To teach it a lesson.


  1. Mmmmm, The Med!

    Those prairie dogs look well fed!

    That'll teach that fire pit not to attack!

  2. How sweet that you have a prairie dog/bunny village right near by for your entertainment. Lewis is such a good boy to just watch:) So nice that you were able to meet Rick and JoAnne. I understand how the photo gets forgotten:) Glad you are enjoying your time with Jesse and Erin. The fall colors are gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like y'all are having a nice relaxing time while visiting family and friends. I love seeing the fall colors. I bet they are terrific.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time relaxing, enjoying dinners with Jesse and Erin, and little forays into town. The weather looks perfect -- we've been thinking September and October would be a great time to visit Colorado. Lewis must be loving having live theatre on his doorstep! He's a very good boy for not chasing.

  5. Adorable entertainers - lucky Lewis. Interesting that they share the living spaces given they compete for the food supply. I love the Halloween decorations. I'm missing that this year :-( The leaves against the blue skies are gorgeous! I'd hate to see the rain mess up those shiny wheels, but that freezer would be calling my name :-)))