Sunday, March 11, 2018

A week already

It's been a week since we left our overnight stop in Congress, AZ and arrived here in Boulder City, NV. 

It was a nice trip, mostly on two lane roads cutting diagonally across the northwestern part of the state and up into the southern tip of Nevada.   It was our first time driving this route.   Part of Rt. 93 is aptly named Joshua Forest Parkway.

we passed through forests of Joshua Trees

if looking for Boulder City (the town built to house the workers building the Hoover Dam).
follow the power lines!

and follow the power lines

our first glimpse of the Colorado River

crossing over the bridge above the Hoover Dam (originally called Boulder Dam)

view of Lake Mead from Boulder City

We're staying at Canyon Trails RV "resort" (our favorite Elk's Lodge was full) for another week while we explore this area's plethora of off road and hiking trails.    Pam and John are next door and we thought we'd use some of our time here helping them shop for a place to put down roots.    If you know Pam, you'll know that help wasn't needed and that she'd waste no time in running down the perfect place.    We arrived on Sunday afternoon and by the very next day they had not only found the best house, but put in an offer that was immediately accepted. comes completely furnished, right down to the dishes in the cupboard and the tools in the 3 car garage!   I think that may be a record.

In between giving us the house tour,  getting the necessary inspections, taking care of home owner's insurance details, etc., we've managed to try out most of this town's restaurants to eat and talk about all the exciting plans coming up.

The last three days in a row Dave and I have been out exploring some of the many dirt roads and washes around us.

We took Lewis along with us as we drive Callville Wash North Road.   He enjoys these bumpy rides and especially loves it when we stop so he can get out to race around in the sand.

come on!   Hurry, we're going that way, come on!

sometimes he waits patiently

Lewis poses on a green mudstone mound with the gorgeous Bowl of Fire in
the background.

At one end of the green volcanic ash mudstone outcropping,  the ground was littered with what looked and sounded like shards of pottery.

This wash travels through wide, flat areas dotted with catclaw acacia loaded with desert mistletoe, and alongside colorful and interesting bluffs spidered with lines of gypsum and that same green mudstone.   

Dave does a bit of trail clearing with his trusty Leatherman

in one spot the walls get close

After about 5 miles the wash narrowed sharply and we could drive no further.   The three of us continued on foot, through the close sides of the canyon, up and over 4 or 5 pour overs until we reached the top and the wash widened out again.

let's go!   I know the way!

This is Lewis's very favorite part.   He races ahead of us flying up the smooth, curved rocks and, if we don't come along quite fast enough, he flies back down to find us.

such beautiful colors and shapes


Some of the pour overs are a little higher than expected and we ask him to wait at the top before jumping down.    He is getting older and we worry about his shoulders and hips.     He doesn't, so we have to.    He would rather leap down and continue along, but he dutifully waits for Dave to lift him down, even if the technique is sometimes a bit unorthodox and embarrassing. 

tail up, nose down

Once the wash flattens out again, we end our hike and head back to the Jeep.   Lew always beats us there. 

Come on guys!   What's taking you so long!

We return home the same way we came, but we don't mind.   The light is different and nothing looks exactly the same from the opposite direction so we get to enjoy the ride all over again!

It's getting late so I'll close for now.   More on our explorations next time, but in the meantime, here is a little tease......


  1. Hahaha, those photos of Lewis on the trail! So adorable! He really does look like he's flying -- and the "tail up nose down" technique is hilarious. Looks like you guys are having a great time in and around Boulder City. How wonderful that you're there with Pam and John for their exciting new chapter!

  2. Beautiful country. Always entertaining to see Lewis having a great time. Hmm, is it your turn to shop for a place out west? Our home base search continues with no clear direction ��

  3. Love seeing Lew with his ears flapping as races along. Such a cute guy:) I guess we need to get out and explore this wash!!

  4. That is one happy boy out on trail...and oh my, what beautiful country. We have never explored Boulder City...I think we need to fix that!

  5. Such a beautiful canyon with the gypsum veins - made all the more wonderful with your funny boy along for the adventure. Love all those green mud formations! Still can't believe they've already found the perfect home!

  6. Among the three of you, Lewis is the happiest explorer! a very energitic one too :)