Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Last days in Nevada, first in Utah

Friday we joined friends Pam and John, and Jodee and Bill to follow Steve and Joan on an adventure into the desert near the Hoover Dam.

follow the leader

The Kingman Wash Road was a rocky, dirt track that followed a narrow spine affording spectacular views of mountains and lake. 

We ended up at a little cove on the shores of Lake Mead.   There were a couple people boondocking there but no one else was around. 

Hi Tessa

the Jeep Crew

The wind was really kicking up so we didn't stay long before heading home on a slightly different route.   The views were just as amazing.

the wind had it's way with fluffy ears and pant legs.....

lenticular clouds 

We enjoyed a good dinner together before saying good-bye to Steve and Joan.

  Saturday evening we joined Jodee and Bill for Happy Hour at their motor home before packing up and heading out on Sunday morning.

We chose to drive around Lake Mead and through the Lake Mead National Recreation area on our way to our next stop at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah.   That route is always scenic, but the views from Beluga's passenger seat and the lack of traffic made this a very enjoyable 160 + miles.

good bye Boulder City!

Sand Hollow State Park is a new park to us.   Pam and John have been here before and knew we'd love it as much as they do.     They're right!

Site 39

They came over to share our Guinness Stew on Sunday night.   Lewis was so very happy they were here.   He sat quietly while we ate, although his eyes were boring holes into Pam the entire time.

As soon as the last fork was put down, however, he sprang into action.   Kisses, kisses, kisses for dessert!

He is going to miss them when they aren't just outside his window.   He reacts to either of their names or to Pam's personalized text message tone by hoping onto the front seat and staring at the door, waiting for one of them to appear.  If he had thumbs, he'd open the door!

I'll close for now.   We're enjoying our time here, exploring the area and getting the lay of the land.   I already know that a week won't be enough!


  1. Due to a family need we had to skip a stop in Hurricane, hope you show us what e=we missed! Is it planned that you all have Jeep JKs? Hope you got a fleet discount! Beautiful pictures

  2. Awwwww Lew! Too darn cute. Never been to that State Park, but it looks fabulous! And I’m happy to see some desert pics to fulfill my desert longings. Looks like you’re having the perfect SW spring stay.


  3. Lewis is looking a a little "Fatal Attraction / Stalker Dog" in that photo. Jeez....I would just give him whatever he wants. :) Awesome photo - love to see the different colors of the mountains. Such a cool landscape.

  4. We certainly haven't been bored at all, have we:) The scenery all around is beautiful in both locations. Lew was such a patient boy.

  5. We've not stayed at Sand Hollow before, looks wonderful! I love that Lewis loves J&P!

  6. A Jeep parade! Looks like a fun day of exploring with good friends. The landscape is so gorgeous—we've never been to Sand Hollow, but it's on our list. Hilarious photo of Lew trying to communicate telepathically with Gramma Pamma. "You will pay attention to me now..."