Thursday, September 13, 2018

Best Laid Plans!

Here comes the rain.....

Best laid plans......Our plans were to leave yesterday morning and head south with stops in West Virginia and dinner with a dear old friend, then on to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

sky and water

We're ready to leave, the remnants of the last hurricane  pushed cool and very rainy weather our way and these days reminds us that fall is near. 

  Now the massive Hurricane Florence has stepped directly into our path so we've had to change our plans.    We'll stay safe, but aren't exactly sure where we're headed yet....but we're leaving in a few hours - stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here are a few parting shots of our lovely summer at the lake...

Edith Ann
(Barb S. goofing around at Letchworth SP)

chest high soybeans make an easy lunch!

Lewis and Bella play Keystone Cops!

Bella's "mother" has to wade over and physically take her home - she's not happy about it

Housekeeping chores never end

Our personal front door greeter, Mrs. Carolina Wren

doesn't Mother Nature make beautiful things?
Don't ask!

Dave's summer around a little, swim a little

and then dry off in the sun with a little G&T!

Judi uses our "phone booth", the only place with reliable cell
coverage in the entire cottage! Lew listens in....

B  A  N  K

Bye Bye!


  1. Safe travels as you venture somewhere:) Doesn't look good for anything south with heavy rain all the way through Kentucky. Maybe turn west right away!! We'll take you whenever:) The 30 amp is going in as I write. Looks like a great ending to your summer. Love the photos of Lewis and his new friend Bella.

  2. Boy that hurricane really threw you a curve ball! Wishing you safe travels and happy memories of a beautiful summer on the lake.

  3. I feel your pain! We're in NYC on Sunday for a few days then looking for where we want to head. Now that the Outer Banks are off the schedule with weeks of flooding and no power expected. The track for Florence is weird and wide once she turns into a tropical depression. Lew and Bella are adorable - poor Bella's mom! Glad you're back on the road!!

  4. Lovely photos. Safe travels which ever way you head!

  5. Lovely photos! Safe travels whichever way yawl go!!

  6. I love your posts! Thank you so much for all those Awesome parting shots. You are a marvel! Stay well, travel safe and we'll be looking forward to the new blog posts (and the phone calls!) Cindy

  7. So sorry that you're having to reroute because of the hurricane, but at the same time, so relieved that you weren't caught in the midst of the storm. Travel safely and enjoy writing a new chapter of your journeys!

  8. Sorry about the last minute plan change, but at least you've got plenty of options this time of year. Better to be safe than sorry, yada yada..... Too funny that the dogs needed to be physically separated. Ha! You guys definitely had a fantastic summer. Cheers to a fun-filled autumn!

  9. Love this post. I bet it was bittersweet leaving the cottage by the link again.But the itchy feet needs to be on the road! Maybe Florence is trying to tell you to slow down on your migration south so that we can meet somewhere :)