Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Petit Jean State Park

Tonight is our last night in this lovely Arkansas State Park, the state's first!   We almost didn't keep our reservation here  because of the slug of rain that had been stalled over this area for days.     I'm so glad we decided to come.

Beluga sits in her quiet site

Our site is in the woods, just a stone's throw from a small Bailey lake.   The site has lots of privacy and full hook-ups, but it has one small quirk.   While we have great cell coverage we only get one TV channel - one.    And only with the refrigerator closed.    When either of us opens it's door, the television loses signal.   Every time.     So, no new episode of Dancing With The Stars for us!

Lake Bailey

Our moods were lifted by the sunny, albeit steamy, weather and spent the few days we had exploring this new to us area.

"Diego" enjoys the warm sun, finally!

Petit Jean State Park sits atop a large, flat top, densely forested mountain (Petit Jean Mountain) overlooking the Arkansas River.

Legend has it that the Park and the Mountain are named after a young French girl who disguised herself as a boy and secretly accompanied her fiancee to America.    She died shortly after arriving to this area and her grave sits atop beautiful Stout's Point.

Petit Jean's grave site

Yesterday we passed the huge Museum of Automobiles, an interesting looking building built by Winthrop Rockefeller.   It seemed an odd thing, set as it is amidst nature's beauty and many miles from anything else remotely commercial.

 We didn't take the time to go in and see the collection of vintage and antique automobiles, perhaps we will the next time.

 Today we drove the Park's roads, stopping at the overlooks, admiring the CCC's phenomenal stone work and walking a few of the shorter trails.    I think it's time to see what my knee can do!

Davis Bridge over Cedar Creek

see the teeny tiny waterfall coming out of the log?

Dave sitting atop one of the numerous "turtle rocks" on the Rock House Trail

Rock House - see Dave?

there are several faint pictographs on the back wall

90 Ft. high Cedar Falls
Tomorrow we move on to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   We leave with much left unseen, what a beautiful park this is.




  1. What a gorgeous park! The view from the top of the mountain is stunning—and Cedar Falls. The "parkitecture" by the CCC is wonderful, too—such a pretty concentric pattern in the stone they used. Glad to hear your knee is doing well!

  2. Yes, it was a good thing you kept your reservation. What a beautiful spot. Love the story of Petit Jean. Looks like a wonderful hike. Davis bridge is so pretty with the colorful rocks. I can see how House Rock got its name! That is massive. Glad you were able to get out and test your knee:) Glad all went well.

  3. Not even one picture of Lewis? Where's Lew? Glad you are moving out for tornadoes.

  4. So glad you made the stop - what a pretty park!!! Love the stone work on the bridge. Looks like the knew got you to some sweet spots!

  5. Steve will check how far of a drive is the Museum of Automobile, you got his attention. Is Diego Lewis new companion while you are gone?
    I do love your intimate photography, Sue!