Friday, March 29, 2019


We're settled in to our site at the Kanab Corral, right on Rt. 89A.    The people here are lovely and helpful and the small campground is clean and neat with all the services necessary.

The only problem is that it is right on the highway and the road noise is very evident.   Quiet at night, but lots of traffic during the day.    The woman at the office and her husband have a Jeep and she was very excited to share her knowledge of the area and it's many back roads.   We have lots of things to do in the 12 days we're here - Yay!

Since our arrival on Wednesday we've just been living our lives amidst considerable natural beauty.   

Jackson Flat Reservoir

remainders of an old Gunsmoke set on Johnson Canyon Rd.  

peaceful tableau at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best friends enjoying a sunny snooze

Kanab Creek is very silty and running high this time of year

this stream was in our path, not knowing how deep the hole was we turned around...

good decision....this falls was just a few feet away

scalloped ledges

Dave approaches a hidden lake that is inside that black hole at the base of a fantastic alcove

huge alcove

bad picture of the water inside the cave

back into the sunshine

Yesterday, after a lovely lunch at Vermillion 45, we walked into the Best Friends store front presence and chatted with some of their resident kitties.    As Dave was bending down petting a sweet tabby and white kitten, this beautiful grey guy jumped down onto his back, began purring and promptly went to sleep!    Gotta love those ambassador kitties! 


  1. Having a local suggest places to visit is just what one needs. You will find lots for us to explore when we get there one day. Boy, the Gunsmoke set is really falling apart fast. We saw it about 12 years ago on a motorcycle trip and the steps up to Doc's office where still there and the buildings look much better. Too bad they are on private property and no one is helping save them. The Hidden Lake is so cool! Great find!

  2. Oh, that kitty and Dave! So cute! Although you guys are good at discovering interesting places on your own, it's great to have a local give you tips for must-see places. That cave is so beautiful, and the scalloped rocks.

  3. That grey catbag wants to come home with you, wonder if Lewis will like him.....:)

  4. That cat is an excellent ambassador kitty. He looks very happy with his perch.

  5. You've already found so many great spots! That hidden lake entrance is so grand - awesome with Dave for perspective. Love the scallops - so perfect. I'm thinking the kitty must not have used his claws :-))

  6. Years ago while volunteering at Best Friends we took one of their dogs for a walk to the Cave with the hidden lake. It was cool and the dog liked it too!

  7. After reading this Steve says we have to go there especially when he saw the old Gunsmoke set. You do know he is recording the series and we watch an episode everyday. I wont complain it is such a beautiful area and that hidden lake!

  8. Oh man... we walked by that little Best Friends store front a couple times, but always when it was closed, so we didn't get to go in and hang out with the cats. What a great stress reliever though. If we lived in Kanab, I'd be there all the time. So much fun! Hope you guys have a great time there. We really enjoyed that little town.

  9. What a beautiful place to call home for a few days! So awesome to have locals share their favorite sopts! We haven’t been to Knaub, but we want to visit Best Friends one day. Great picture of Dave entering the “black hole”. And so love the Gunsmoke scenery...looks like you visit is off to a beautiful start!

  10. There is so much to love in that area! LOVE the kitty action!