Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Monday near Buckskin Mtn. State Park

Sunday afternoon we moved from our original site, to site 62, directly on the river.     People here call it the Buckskin shuffle.   Everyone seems to move almost every day - it seems hard to get more than a few days at any one site.    In our case, however, it was a move to a better view site.

We're right across the street from a big bend in the River. 

 The only problem came when Dave checked the power pedestal at the new site in preparation for plugging in our electric cord as part of setting up.    Always check the electric receptacle before plugging in....always.    This one was melted looking with black streaks all around it.      There was no way that Dave would plug Beluga into something that looked like that.   It had gotten too hot, probably burned something recently.   I immediately went up to the Ranger Station to ask for another site.   All full.   By the time I got back to Beluga Dave and a Ranger were evaluating the situation.

Within a half hour the Ranger had changed the breaker, receptacle, and all the attending wires with Dave looking on.     Happy to say that we're all settled in with no problems.

Yesterday was a nice, sunny day and we took the opportunity to drive around and get our bearings.   You saw a few pictures from that get acquainted drive in my last, short post.

So far, it has taken about an hour (Monday evening) to load the two above pictures so this will probably be another shorty.   Today we drove about 30 miles out into the desert to visit the abandoned Swansea Townsite.    The drive was pleasant, loaded with wonderful wildflowers.

look Pam, an arch!

We were by ourselves, in the entire drive we only passed (or were passed by) one vehicle and guess where it was from?    Yep....New York!

that guy was from Manhattan...and in a bit of a hurry!

The first part of the drive, on Shea Rd in Parker, was a very poorly maintained asphalt road.   Once that stopped and the dirt began the way was relatively smooth until we started into the hills.     After about 13 miles of that we arrived at the Swansea Townsite, which was more of a large mining operation than a regular town.    By the time we got there it had begun to rain, thus curtailing our exploration by foot.    We managed to peer down a few deep, unmarked shafts but the rain was unrelenting so we got back in the Jeep and headed home.   It's the journey, not the destination, right?

watch where you walk......

remains of the Copper Smelter and Dust Chamber

We passed a couple signboard/kiosks that were supposed to have BLM brochures telling about the area and it's archaeological sites but the holders were empty.   When we get back to a better internet situation I'll read more about this place, it looked like an interesting place to wander around, I'd love to know more about it's history and the people who brought it to life.

It rained all the way home, all night, and it finally let up around noon today (Tuesday).    Good for the flowers at least......

Tomorrow we leave Buckskin Mtn. State Park and head to Bullhead City, AZ for a few days.    Stay tuned.


  1. Glad the Ranger was able to fix the Pedestal for you.
    The Rain put a damper on a lot of plans.
    Maybe our paths will cross next winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Bullhead City.

    It's about time.

  2. You have found some beautiful flowers along the way, thanks to your sharp eye and in part to the pesky rain. Having a ranger with a bit of electrical experience was certainly timely. Glad it was fixed without further incident.

  3. Usually when we report bad power pedestals the staff looks at us like we are stupid. It was very nice that the ranger replace the burned up parts. Nice flower pictures.

  4. Man, I love state parks and the people they employ. They're always so helpful and nice! I'm glad they were able to help you. I wouldn't plug my house into an outlet like that either!

    The wildflowers are beautiful. I'm so jealous of everyone getting to enjoy the results of all the rain we saw this winter! Just awesome.

  5. The wildflowers are beautiful Sue and thanks for giving us a perspective...some of them are so tiny! Love those exploring days...

  6. That sounds like a scary power outlet! So great that the ranger took care of it right away.
    The wildflowers are just beautiful, and so is the color of the river. Spring has sprung in the desert. :-)

  7. Being behind on blog reading usually isn't too big a deal in the long run - BUT I think my friends and I might have driven through Buckskin while you were there!! Didn't even realize you were in the area while we were in Desert Center :-( The flowers are beautiful, you picked a great time to visit.