Friday, April 12, 2019

Lee's Ferry

We only have five days here, never enough.   The weather isn't cooperating with us but not nearly as problematic as in other parts of the country so I'm trying not to complain.    Tuesday was quite hot and very windy....dust in the air, except if you changed direction or could manage to tuck around some rock formation for a minute.    The scenery was still beautiful, but interacting with it was difficult.

Wednesday, was quite chilly but still so very windy.  Once again,  no fun sitting outside for second cup or happy fun exploring outside.    We decided to check out an area, by car, that we've always managed to miss, Lee's Ferry.   The drive from here to there was on paved roads so it was easier for Dave to deal with in the wind. 

The drive on pavement was no less beautiful.

driving south through Antelope Pass on rt. 89

a glimpse of the very beginning of the Grand Canyon

rain and blue sky

The skies ran from full overcast to blue patches to distant rain.   The wind was ever present.

We stopped to watch a small herd of horses along the way.   Some were curious, others just went about their business grazing, pooping and giving their opinions....

We stopped at Navajo Bridge.   Dave walked right out onto it for a better look at the river below.    I stayed well was windy - a person could blow right off.   It is about 460 feet above the river.

Actually there are two Navajo Bridges....a modern one for traffic to cross the river and the original one, now just for pedestrians.

I had a brave moment, I took advantage of it.    I edged my way out onto the actual bridge until I could see the river below.     I got no rewards for my bravery, just a "good girl" from Dave, spoken like a true dog trainer.

It looked milky green there.   This river has so many faces, so many colors.   Up at Lake Powell,  where we're staying, it is blue and clear and beautiful.    Sometimes it is laden with silt and frothy brown.   Here it was an opaque green.  A bit further along the road, at Lee's Ferry, we saw why it was so milky looking here.

pastels trying to escape the red 

balancing rock

Lee's Ferry ran across the Colorado River for 60 years before the Navajo Bridge and Glen Canyon Bridges were built.   It has an interesting history and still plays it's part in the allocation of water rights in the west.

the Colorado Riffle

The silty, brown Paria River joins the Colorado at Lee's Ferry.  They run alongside each other for quite awhile before eventually blending their waters.

Dave standing by the muddy Paria River with the Colorado Riffle in the distance

he watches a boat coming, which path will it take?
They become one green, milky river as they pass under the Navajo Bridge.

little Black Phoebe watching for insects

Thursday it was still very windy and cool.   We decided to do some grocery shopping to fill the refrigerator/freezer for our upcoming visit to Bluff, Utah.   There is no Safeway or Smiths or any other grocery store in Bluff and the drive to the nearest one is a good 30 miles.     It was also time to mow the poodle.  We allowed his coat to get quite long this time so it was a longer than normal process. 

tired poodle falls asleep during a lull in the game of hide the ball

We haven't been getting our usual beautiful sunsets this time, but the late afternoon light on the mesas across the lake has more than made up for it.

Tomorrow we leave our beautiful site here at Wahweap and move north to the Cadillac Ranch (also known as the Chevy Ranch....) in the tiny town of Bluff, Utah.

  Since it's quite dark out right now it must be time for bed so I'll tell you about today's aborted trip to White Pocket tomorrow.   Good Night.

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  1. It is so fascinating to see the two totally different waters running next to each other. Your photos really capture the difference. So many colors in the rocks. Love the balancing rock! Poor Lew! He must have been very tired. Wahweap is a beautiful place to stay, but Bluff has chicken soup with the little dumplings and Navajo fry bread!! Safe travels as you move on. Hope the winds are calmer!

  2. With your keen eye for identifying birds, I know you would not have missed something as big as a condor! We've stopped at Navajo Bridge a couple times and have yet to see the condors. And we have yet to take the drive down to Lee's Ferry, a very interesting confluence.

  3. Oh, this weather... the wind and the cold and the rain and the snow... it's truly getting tiresome, isn't it? It sounds like you guys are good about making the best of it though and getting out no matter what. We've been hunkering down and doing the stuff we never feel like doing (tax day IS approaching, I hear!!) Anyway, I am right there with you on the bridge. I don't have an issue with heights, but add in some gusting winds, and I would be pretty hesitant too. Glad you at least got to see the water before heading off. We enjoyed Bluff - but agree, the 30 minute drive to the grocery store (which wasn't even open on Sundays) was a bit much. Good to stock up beforehand! Safe travels!