Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wahweap, Lake Powell

Monday we had a nice and uneventful 70 mile drive to our next 5 day stay at Lake Powell's Wahweap Marina and Campground near Page, Arizona.

We've been here quite a few times before and always love the peacefulness and the stark beauty of it.

Yes, I know the lake level is low, yes, water in the west is a real problem.   We're not immune to the seriousness of things - believe me.    But for right now, we're just basking in the hugeness, the serenity, the sky and water and clouds.....

peaceful cove

There is no television here at Wahweap, no news,  limited internet and not much intrusion from the "world".    It's nice,  we're enjoying the moment.

Today was quite warm (mid 80's) and very very windy.   Since we only have 5 days to explore I was reluctant to stay home so we decided to pull in the slides (to avoid wind damage to the slide toppers while we were gone) and take Lewis along for a trip up Cottonwood Canyon.    Lewis is concerned when Beluga rocks and rolls in high winds so we thought he'd be happier with us.    He was.

geez!  right on the flower I was going to photograph!

He was able to get out and "stretch his legs" ahem....a number of times.

There are fewer wildflowers here than in other areas we've been in and I guess I don't really mind that right now.    While beautiful and colorful and exciting to discover them forcing up through the dry ground, the truth is we are all suffering from the sneezies, and itchy eyes that spring allergies bring.    Even Lewis.

Today, every time we'd let him out of the Jeep to explore with us, he would stop, cock back,  wind up and produce the most enormous sneeze we've ever heard.   We were afraid he'd blow his beautiful black gumdrop of a nose right off!    Then he'd try and rub his itchy eyes on the rock or sand or whatever he was walking on.    Not good to rub those delicate eyeballs in the sand or stab them with a cactus thorn so we'd call him to us and let him rub on our legs.    Poor boy.    After a good eye rub and several sneezes he was ready to start the hike. 

Ah spring.   new life springs from an old cottonwood trunk 

We didn't drive the entire 46 miles of Cottonwood Canyon Rd., although we could have.   It had been recently bladed and was in good condition for even a 2 wheel drive vehicle.   The truth is we stopped so many times along the way (including a very long detour ending abuptly at an impassible spot) and absorbed so much beauty that we didn't think we could handle any more so we turned around at the majestic Grosvenor Arch, about 20 miles from Cannonville, Utah.

Besides it was getting late (although we never really know what time zone we're in here, thus what time is it - really?) and the wind was becoming crazy.   My poor camera is starting to grind loudly when I retract the lens....too much sand in the air I fear.

nope, not a white out.....a sand out!

So, here are a few more pictures from somewhere along Cottonwood Canyon Road.

this boulder garden  shielded our lunch spot from the strong and sandy wind.

driving along behind the fascinating Cockscomb formations

The color of some pictures is off....those were the ones I took through the tinted windshield to avoid an approaching dust devil.....sorry.

That's all for now.  I'm taking my itchy eyes off to bed.   It's been dark for awhile now, it must be time.     Eat when we're hungry, sleep when we're tired, get up when we wake up...not a bad way to live! 

view from my bedroom window in the morning.....


  1. So lovely! We've driven just a bit of Cottonwood Canyon, from the opposite end of it. Wonderful country, even with the wind!

  2. Another Texas Traveller4/10/19, 9:52 AM

    We were going to go up Cottonwood Canyon Road at Christmas but it was too muddy. We went to White Pots instead on House Rock Road. It was awesome!

  3. Oh Lewis you are so funny! Page is one of my fave spots, what with all those colored rocks and the vistas are magnificient.
    I finally figured out how to fix my inability to post comment on blogger. Had to research it on line :)

  4. The colors of the water and the canyon at Wahweap are magnificent. Yes, I'm also aware of the water issues—but still, as you said, it's a beautiful tableau.
    Poor Lewis! And you guys, too! Those allergies sound miserable. But I have to admit I laughed when you described Lewis's nose as a black gumdrop. That is a perfect description.

  5. Love, love, love Wahweap! Such a gorgeous campground with such an incredible view! The water, the red rock, all of it. Oh, and sunshine... and a lack of snow which is currently blowing sideways.... and it appears to not be 25 degrees outside. Can we trade places for a bit???

  6. Another sweet drive right after the grading! Lucky you on your perfect timing. Sure looks like a beautiful drive. Glad Lew got to go along. He most certainly wouldn't have been happy home alone with wind. We had dust outs late yesterday. You'd never know there were any mountains around us. The lake is still as gorgeous as I remember!

  7. Wahweap is one of the most beautiful places there is. That's an impressive photo (the second one) of the stacked lenticular clouds. Windy!