Monday, June 3, 2019

a little more rain and some friends

More rain than sun so far.   I'm afraid our wet, cool winter may stick around, but I'm not going to worry about it - yet.

It's been chilly after dinner, so chilly that Dave has to bundle up when he goes out to fish with Lew.

Sometimes Lew has to content himself by playing with his indoor fish....we don't tell him it's a fake fish, he loves to toss it around.

The weather hasn't kept us from socializing.   We've had dinner at the Rabbit Room with friends, Robin and Tom.

looking back into the dining room

Robin/Tom/birthday boy

Tom saw this picture and said he needs to get his hair cut....We think it's glorious, Dave is probably jealous.

Saturday was Dave's "big" birthday.   He didn't want a party so we're celebrating it with a number of small dinners.    Actually, every dinner we have we toast the birthday boy.   It started in Denver with Jesse and Erin and it will continue for the rest of the summer I think!

This weekend we had our old (don't judge) friends Judi and Barb over for another birthday celebration dinner and an overnight.   They brought him goodies and we didn't even mind the sound of rain drumming on the roof!

what's left of Dave's enormous birthday peanut stick donut

We had such a good time and laughed so hard at god knows what that I didn't take any good pictures.   Just some not good pictures, not flattering at all.

We managed to find a little sun to have Happy Hour and appetizers out on the deck - did I take any photos then? 

We came inside and had a candlelight dinner with wine and rhubarb pie - did I take any photos then?

We got comfortable and watched movies til we couldn't keep our eyes open - did I take a photo then?    Yes!

Judi, Lewis and Barb
(we know Barb has her PJ's on already....)

We slept in the next morning and then shared Paula's Donuts (a Buffalo specialty) for breakfast.   The "girls" left after lunch.   It was a fun weekend.

when the rain lets up it IS pretty here.....


  1. I adore birthday celebrations that last for weeks! Cindy

  2. What a cozy time you're having, despite the rain. Looks like so much fun with friends! I like the idea of many little birthday celebrations. Happy birthday, Dave! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Dave! Looks like you made the best of a soggy situation!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Dave!

  5. Sure hope the terrible weather NY has had all winter moves on for the summer. They sure deserve lots of sun and warmth. Glad you've had lots of fun with friends and good food! Let the birthday celebration continue!!

  6. Lew is quite the fisherdog.
    Happy belated birthday, Dave. I think having lots of little dinners would be so much fun.
    Don't even mention rain. We have had so much rain we feel like we are ducks. Yuck!

  7. The longer the celebration the better!! That donut looks wonderful. Great shot of the big drop in the water :-) It's going to be a very, very green summer!