Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Settled in

We've been home almost a week now and things have settled down.   The cottage is all opened up, laundry done, Beluga has had a good bath, the Jeep inspected and a new windshield installed, a few pots planted with flowers, the dock is in and annual Dr.'s appointments started.   Now we have time to spend with friends and family.     

are you guys coming out?

Dave assembles the little Zodiac that we've carried in Beluga

Lew watches the dock guys do their thing

fishing from the breakwall


Since we've been home we've only had a couple sunny, warm days.    One afternoon, as we sat outside on the deck with our Happy Hour gins, clouds began to build in the east.    The type of clouds that usually mean trouble.

happy hour view across the lake

view #2

The wind came up, the sky darkened and we were chased inside by torrential rain.     Ever since then it's been grey and cloudy with intermittent showers....sigh

view #3

Ah well, the Mergansers like it, the poodle doesn't care if it's raining or sunny.   The lake is the lake to him.

fun in the lake equals wet, sandy curls


  1. That heron with the fish is amazing!! The boys in the land boat look like they're having a grand adventure :-)) Hope your weather clears up soon.

  2. Must be nice to be home for the summer. At least Lew is able to enjoy the lake despite the weather. Glad I don't have to brush him out!

  3. Love the set Sandy curl picture! Lew looks happy to have landed for the summer. Does Dave actually take him in the Zodiac?? Sounds like a cool, set summer in WNY this summer. Much of the country seems doused with water and winds.

  4. Ahhh, such a lovely place to come home to, regardless of the weather!

  5. Glad to see the guys got the dock in. I am sure Lew has made many trips already. Love, love Lew and Dave sitting in the cute. The heron shots are spectacular! Great job. Sure hope your weather improves soon.

  6. Lew looks like some kind of wild sea creature!
    I hope the rain clears up soon. By June 13th for sure, okay? :-)