Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday - home

We left Danville, MO (just north of Jefferson City) on Monday morning and with overnight stops in Casey, Il, Delaware, Ohio and McKean, Pennsylvania we arrived home today around noon.     It was an uneventful but somewhat stressful journey.

  We crossed the flooded Missouri and Mississipi Rivers and dealt with the busy traffic of the east.

we all enjoyed a long walk around the campground last night

threatening sky in Pennsylvania

We kept a close eye on the weather radio, turned on emergency notifications on our phones, checked out each campground's tornado shelters and tried to move along just in front of the terrible weather that was devastating the midwest.

We arrived home in the rain, settled Beluga into her summer spot and enjoyed lunch before the rain stopped.    Lewis immediately recognized where he was an began screaming to get out.    He was overjoyed to find that some of his favorite things were waiting for him. 

Lew doesn't like sticks in the water, they must be on the grass.....

the wind brings wonderful smells at the lake

sticks, sticks, sticks

He's in he bedroom, sacked out in sheer, joyful exhaustion.

  Dave was also very excited to see that some of his favorite things were waiting for him.....

He was afraid that his beloved lilacs would be all finished blooming by the time we got home, but the cold winter and spring must have retarded spring's arrival because we still have lots of fragrant lilacs!   For his 60th birthday....a few years ago.....Jesse gave him three bushes and they are full of beautiful blooms.

It will be nice to go to bed tonight and not fall asleep with visions of weather radar dancing in my head.......




  1. So glad you made it home safely. The weather following you was wicked. I can only imagine how exhausted Lew is after all that excitement being back at the lake. He had quite a job cleaning all the sticks out of the water. I'm sure he made a million trips up and down the steps. Our weather breaks tonight so we are finally heading north tomorrow. But we have really enjoyed our 12 days in Kanab.

  2. Welcome Home! Sure enjoyed following your travels across country, now will enjoy your home for a bit.

  3. Yay! Home and lilacs and sticks! What more could you possibly want! :-)

  4. Congratulations on surviving the drive across country through abysmal weather. Glad you're safe and sound and that Lewis has sticks.

  5. Ahhh....home! It looks so beautiful and peaceful. So glad you made it safely ahead of the crazy storms. I planted those very same purple lilacs edged in white at home in Ashland. They're beautiful. :-)

  6. We finally made it to Connecticut today and I am glad to hear we're not the only ones who found the drive stressful. Driving in the east is just so much harder than it is in the west. Poor Thor was beside himself by the end. So many pot holes and rough roads and traffic and construction. Ugh. I am sure that after all of that you are thrilled to be set up in one (gorgeous) place for a while. And I LOVE lilacs. Very jealous!!

  7. I can just imagine the stress each time the phone sends an alert. We have almost the same anxiety in fall but I think the weather you were trying to get ahead of were more sinister. So glad everyone is home safe and you can now exhale of relief. Home sweet home, even Lewis is ecstatic.
    Lilacs! heavenly smell, belated Happy Birthday Dave!

  8. Always nice to land safely after the stress of trying to keep ahead of the nastiness. Lew cracks me up with his stick cleanup! The lilacs are beautiful and I can almost smell them :-)