Sunday, May 19, 2019


  Traveling across the mid-west in the spring time is an iffy prospect at best.   We were lucky this time as our last minute schedule change allowed us to get out of Kansas in time to avoid the nasty weather and tornadoes that stalled there late last week.   

We stayed high and dry in our nice site at Lazyday Campground.    We used yesterday to take care of a few domestic chores and stayed close by in case the predicted weather arrived in force.    A short burst of heavy rain and strong wind brushed us late in the day but, fortunately for Lewis, no thunder and lightning.

Today dawned sunny and nice so we headed out to find a grocery store and see what was around us.

it's green, very green here

We had a little "miscommunication" and were off down a dirt road and through thick woods.   Dave thinks I did it on purpose, I always send us down unpaved roads in search of something.     I suppose he's not far off the truth. 

At any rate, the winding, rural road eventually took us to my planned destination and we purchased the lunch meat, etc., that we were after.    We found ourselves at the Missouri River on the outskirts of the small town of Hermann.

school bus shelter perhaps?

What a sweet little town it is!   They were just taking down the trappings of their annual "Mai Fest" and some of the streets were still blocked off so we got to walk around practically by ourselves.    Hermann is a German settlement filled with beautifully kept brick buildings, colorful flowers and bushes and a number of wineries.     We walked along it's river front area and noticed how high the water is. 

flowers everywhere

next time we'll stop for a nice glass of wein

Our campground is one that we have stayed at before, on our way east and west.  It has always been a one night stopover but I think, next time, we'll plan a few days here so we can revisit Hermann and it's wineries and German restaurants.

oh Dave.....

And.....yes, some of those fragrant Peonies made it home in the Peony Pincher's Pocket.....

We leave in the morning.   Three more sleeps til we're home at the lake.


  1. A nice little town to investigate more on a future trip. Continued Safe Travels home!

  2. Hermann looks like a perfect little gem! I love good German food and it's not easy to find in most places. I love the little shelter with all the chink. So glad you're dodging the nasty weather!

  3. Drive slow. It is freezing, soggy and dreary!

  4. A glass of wein, LOL! Hermann looks like a lovely little town. Putting it on our list for when we find ourselves in the area. Hopefully not in tornado season.
    Glad you guys are staying out of the path of the storms. Safe travels to the lake!
    PS Love that last shot of the peonies with Dave and Lew in the background