Sunday, August 4, 2019


Part of the fun of being here for the summer is having time to visit with old and dear friends.

Yesterday we were invited to Barb's house for dinner.   She lives in Webster, about 45 minutes north of here.    Lewis was invited also, but we thought it best that he stayed home this time.

happy hour on the porch

We've known Barb since we moved to Geneseo in 1976.  We've been friends through thick and thin.   She traveled through Europe with Dave and I and my mother.    The four of us laughed our way through many countries on that trip.

Barb is a strong woman, a real trouper.   She insisted we come to dinner, even though she had just taken a serious tumble off a ladder the day before.   She likes her shrubs "just so" and the HOA folks don't do a very good job she she does them herself.   Hmmmm, perhaps not on a ladder next time.

 Yep, broken nose and all, she still made the best Mexican dinner we've had in a long time.   

coaxing flat, unlovely flour tortillas into puffy beauties

Dave had seconds and possibly thirds.   He never does that.

We got home around 9 and found this guy filling the entire front window.....waiting for us....ewwwww


  1. Poor Barb! I hope she has a quick recovery!

  2. Ouch! A broken nose sounds painful. Tell Barb I love her hair. :-)
    Looks like you guys enjoyed a delicious Mexican feast together. So fun to spend time with good friends.

  3. That's a good friend!! Love your beautiful web, what a lovely bug catcher to have on your window.

  4. Dave looks very serious...and the food looks yummy! What an awesome friend ! That is some spider