Friday, August 2, 2019

A special day

Yesterday we celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary by doing what we've always loved most.....being together.

We took a long ride down to a favorite little town in the heart of the Finger Lake's wine country.

We're not big New York State wine fans, but the area is very pretty and the ride there allowed us to meander along, slowly enjoying the glorious day.

Our destination was a new to us restaurant, Roots Cafe, in an old Naples home.

While we didn't both enjoy our individual wine choices, we did agree that the lunch was yummy and the funky decor and vibe of the big purpley/bluey house was very fun.

After lunch we just set off to see how many of the finger lakes we could put our feet in before it was time to meet dear friends for dinner.   Yes, lunch AND dinner out is not our usual MO but it was a special day after all.

Living in an area for over 40 years is no guarantee that one has seen it all.   For instance we had never explored or even heard of a sweet little spot called Grimes Glen right around the corner from our lunch place.    We saw a sign for it as we drove up Naples Main street.   We've driven that street many times in our lives and never saw that little white sign.    Yesterday we did and made an about turn to check it out.

We parked the Jeep and crossed over a bridge decorated with spawning fish. 

We discovered a lovely, quiet, sunlit trail and followed it along the course of shallow Grimes Creek between tall shale walls.

 We weren't really dressed for a hike but we walked along for almost a mile before the "trail" became the creek bed and we turned around.    What fun it would have been if we were wearing water shoes!   I understand that there are two waterfalls further along, one with a nice swimming hole at it's base.

Our next stop turned out to be Canandaigua Lake.   It's one of the most beautiful of the lakes.   It's quite deep and clear, the hills surrounding it are high.   Fantastic homes line it's shores.

Canandaigua Lake, south end

see the lunching ladies?

We stayed a few minutes to watch a group of ladies having lunch among the shoreline reeds.

Our ride continued past one of the three ski "resorts" in our area, Bristol Mountain.    Jesse spent a fair amount of time there in his younger years. 

Honeoye Lake was next.   It is a fairly small and shallow lake and has always had a problem with aquatic weeds along it's shoreline. 

Honeoye Lake, south end

The last two lakes we explored were Canadice and Hemlock.   They both are used as water sources for Rochester so living, camping and/or swimming are prohibited.

It was especially nice to stand on the shores of these two small beauties and hear no man made sounds.    No jet skis, no people, no boat engines.....just wind in the trees, water lapping at the shore and sweet birdsong.

Canadice Lake, north end

Hemlock Lake, north end

What a pleasant day we had together.   Nothing exciting, or thrilling, just a really nice day.

We made it back home with enough time to let poor Lewis out to "get busy" before motoring off to our standing Thursday evening Rabbit Room dinner with Robin and Tom.   Perfect way to end a perfect anniversary day.

Married 49 years but in love for 54.....Thanks for a wonderful ride Dave.



  1. What a perfect day!! This is exactly the type of day we both love, as well. How sweet that you found such private quiet lakes. Love the Grimes Creek trail. What a great place to explore. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people we are so glad to have as friends. Miss you three!

  2. Grimes Glen, it's like a mini-Watkins Glen. A nice anniversary find for you two.

  3. Wow, what a great post showing the beautiful lakes you live close to. And congratulations on 54 years together, you two are an inspiration. On our 49th anniversary I'll be 95 years old, so probably a short hike for us that day...

  4. Congrats to you both!!! 54 years together, that is so cool. Happy anniversary!

  5. What perfect day for a perfect couple. You were definitely made for each other, and it's so wonderful that you've been together this long! We watched them chopping up the thick floating weeds from Honeoye Lake with a big fancy machine. such a gorgeous area.

  6. Not many marriages last 49 years these days and few that do are as enviable as yours. It doesn't get much better than spending over half a century with someone you truly love and having one adventure after the next. Here's to many more anniversaries!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You two were obviously destined for each other. What a beautiful, sweet, celebratory day. And I can't think of a more delicious place for dinner than the Rabbit Room.
    We wish you many more years of wonderful adventures together! Hugs, Laurel & Eric

  8. Happy anniversary! Looks like a perfect way to celebrate!