Sunday, July 28, 2019

A visit

                                               Thor came to visit.

He brought Laura and Kevin ( along to keep Dave and I company.    He's a very thoughtful guy.

after dinner - right after this was taken Kevin shared some of
his delicious lavender-honey, home made ice
cream for dessert!

We humans had a lovely time visiting, eating, drinking, boating and relaxing.

and...for dessert's dessert we made s'mores at dusk
(don't judge)

an exciting second cup on the boat

Thor had a phenomenal time.    He explored every inch of the cottage, the decks, the yard, the lake, the boat, Lewis' toys.   He watched the sea gulls overhead and stalked flies and ants that dared enter his line of vision. 

 He did his business wherever and whenever he felt like it.   He strolled on the dock, trotted around the house and out of our sight for minutes at a time.    He swam and swam and swam.   Mostly after his orange ball, but sometimes just because he wanted to.

coming and going
Lewis introduced him to his giant, personal water bowl in front of the cottage.   The two of them raced around on the grass like Keystone Kops, they retrieved the orange balls we kept throwing out into the lake.

off they go again!
He enjoyed second cup on the boat when it was tied to the dock and even took a boring boat ride around the lake Saturday afternoon....ho hummmmm.

Oh, those magnificent ears

so, how long will this ride last?

Lewis participated in most activities but did, occasionally,  retire to the house for a little downtime while Thor's youthful energy never ran down.  (I think he knew he was only going to be here a short time and wanted to fully experience what Mr. David's A-1 Lakeside Canine Wonderland had to offer him)

is that MY ball, or his.....?

They left this afternoon to continue their travels.   We were sad to see them go.   It's so nice to have friends come to visit.

Lewis may sleep for a week.   It's exhausting to be a good host he says.......



  1. Hahaha!!! So glad Thor had such a fabulous time at Mr. David's A-1 Lakeside Canine Wonderland. Lew was a very good host, indeed.
    It looks as though the two-leggeds had a pretty danged good time, too. I believe I see evidence of a Low-Country Boil...yum. Boat rides, fun in the water, hanging out on the deck, and good friends who make homemade ice cream! Sounds like a perfect summer vacation to me.

  2. How sweet that Lewis has friends come to visit so he share his paradise on the lake!

  3. We woke up this morning to Thor's 12 minute Powerpoint presentation entitled "Why Our Pack Should Live at a Lake." There was much discussion of the relative benefits of lake living as it pertains to canine mental and physical health, as well as the importance of good socialization and self determination when it comes to decisions on where to pee. He was very committed and convincing, I must say!

    Anyway, we all had a wonderful time hanging out at your beautiful home and are looking forward to catching up with you again in a couple months! Now I just need to find a good, dog-friendly lake around here to take Thor to - since that is now his true love.

    Talk to you soon!

  4. What a fantastic fun time for Lew having his friend come to play at the private water park. Think of all the treats I could have shared to help keep their energy up. Looks like a wonderful weekend with Kevin, Laura, and Thor with the perfect lake activities.

  5. Thor knew where to take his parents for fun. And he knew a black hairy handsome dog also live by the lake.
    It looks like everyone had their fun in the sun, in the water, on the boat and just everywhere else. We wished we continued on to NY from FL so we too can enjoy a day by the lake with you all!