Sunday, July 14, 2019

a weekend

following a Bald Eagle down the lake

Dave's fragrant birthday rose

Ruthless culling = Goodwill's good fortune

my chocolate mint is trying to escape


after dinner fishing before the rain arrives

morning's first sight


planes from the Geneseo Airshow fly over the lake all weekend

This Stearman pilot and passenger wave to the cottages below


  1. The pleasures of lake life...sweet! I am sure Dave was thrilled to watch the air show over the lake. Great photos! Sweet, sweet Lew. I love how he sleeps with head on the pillow. What a guy! Nice to see blue sky.

  2. Wow...busy days. Quite the haul for Goodwill. Glad to see lots of boat rides for you guys. Zzzzzzzz Lew looks comfy. Great plane pictures. Looks like they had good weather. Hope you are feeling better each day.

  3. Great pictures and post as usual, yours always put a smile on my early morning face. Glad you and Dave are doing well and living the good life.

    When I die I want to reincarnate as your dog...

  4. Oh, I love it!! Makes me happy and makes me feel peaceful.
    Lew is so danged adorable, asleep and awake.
    Good thing you have that mint in a pot, because it will try to take over the universe. And I see some things I want in that Goodwill pile!! :-)

  5. Hmmmm, I'm not seeing the eagle :-) Your weekend looks wonderful. I can imagine Dave (and you) enjoying those vintage planes. You got great shots. Love the morning fishing!

  6. I think Lewis is definitely "living his best life." And in order for me to do the same, I think it's time for some "ruthless culling" myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. A great day on your lake, with an airshow to keep your boys entertained :)