Saturday, July 6, 2019

This and that

We haven't been doing much of anything and enjoying it enormously!

 Between second cup, swimming, walking, fishing, reading, visiting and happy hour, Dave has been chipping away at a few jobs around Beluga.

He has also taken all the cupboard doors off and refinished them.   They look like brand new!

I see you David.....

In between all his leisure time activities he finds time to sneak tastes of my baking when he thinks I'm not looking.   Rhubarb crisp cooling on the counter had his attention this day.

The weather has been on and off.   Either it's raining cats and dogs or it is very hot and so muggy that my sun glasses fog up when I walk outside. 

I love my views, the lake, the birds, and especially the beautiful cloud formations over the water.

we can't see actual sunsets here, but
the reflected ones are pretty nice

double rainbow and magnificent clouds

our hybrid duck mom has managed to keep all 10 of her ducklings
safe from predators - no small feat!

one of three noisy Kingfishers that ply our cove

they wave as they go by

Sometimes a large black poodle enters my view, doing what he loves to do......

bark bark bark bark bark bark    honk honk honk honk

Lewis gets wet retrieving his favorite red "fish" toy

Lewis enjoys patrolling the dock to keep pesky waterfowl away, he enjoys fishing with Dave, playing with his own red "fish" in the lake but most of all he enjoys helping Dave with whatever he's doing.    Earlier this week the task was building the bonfire for our annual 3rd of July Ring of Fire celebration.

Dave, Dave, where do you want me to drag this, Dave?

Dave's "creation" is covered to keep it dry before the grand lighting!

He also enjoys the party, many of his favorite people are here and he gets plenty of pets.    Unfortunately, the party falls on a night where most people around the lake insist on setting off huge fireworks displays and that he doesn't like one bit.  It's a good thing we're all friends because in order to use the bathroom that night, one had to step over and/or around Lewis's shaking body.    Most of us aren't flustered by having company while they.....well, you know, while they're in the bathroom, thank goodness.   No....don't look for any pictures.

Barb and Bob chat with Dave

Barb and Judi catch up

Barb waits patiently for the fire to calm down to
s'more making levels


crummy picture of the Ring of Fire - flares completely encircling the lake

That's all I have for you.   For us, here, summer is an uneventful time to relax and enjoy the company of old friends.    Not a lot of blog fodder I'm afraid!


  1. It's nice for the guys to have a place to putter around the MH. I know John is thrilled to be able to wash, wax, clean, repair, whatever on the MH when he wants. Can't wait to see your cupboard doors! Lew is quite the busy boy helping dad with all the jobs. You are watching the duck families and we are watching the quail families. The babies are so cute. Looks like another wonderful Ring of Fire on your pretty lake.

  2. I feel so bad for Lewis! It's just sad that he's such a quivering mass. Your pictures are great, it's such a beautiful area.

  3. I love, love, love your post Sue. I might just be little jealous ! Such a beautiful place and relaxing should be the first order of business...although, it doesn't look like Dave does much of that. Cant wait to see your cabinet doors ! Lewis is surely right at home wherever he is, but the lake seems to suit him ! Love those wet ears and how he and Dave stick close together ! Gay

  4. Those lake views are so beautiful!! Great catch of your waving loon, and the babies are precious. What a great momma! Another giant bonfire - I love seeing the ring of fires all around the lake. I can never capture fireworks pics. Yours are awesome!! Poor Lewis, glad he's having such a fun summer other than the bangs and booms.

  5. Sounds like a pretty awesome summer to me. A little bit of downtime never hurt anyone. Poor Lewis. I'm glad "the worst day of the year" for dogs is over. Hopefully swimming, playing with his toys, and helping Dave build that awesome fire took the edge off a bit.

  6. Both you and Dave must appreciate having space to putter on the RV between trips, with fishing and bonfires to enjoy. We missed all the fireworks this year! Not a single sparkler :( Lewis might have liked spending the 1st week of July with us :)

  7. A wet and happy Lew with his red toy. He takes the cake. And we are all happy here without any more loud Books on the 4th!

  8. The final fireworks shot is perfect!
    Love , love your summer by the lake, time to just chill and enjoy the wildlife and smell the roses and Dave, well he has to putter around!
    Oh Lewis, he must have been so unhappy on the 4th while eveyrone else is having a great time.

  9. Such sweet, restorative, and fun times. We're happy that we've experienced firsthand just how beautiful and relaxing it is, but you do a mighty fine job of conveying the feeling of a lake summer in your posts. :-)
    Poor Lew and the fireworks. :-( Glad he's enjoying his swims, the wildlife, and helping Dave.