Saturday, September 21, 2019

A fish story and a parade

A fish story.....Dave came off the lake this afternoon and told me a good fish story.    As in all good fish stories, there is no photographic evidence. 

He went out kayaking this afternoon and came back very excited.    He told me that he was very close to home when he looked to the side and saw a large fish coming right at him.   No, not a whale or a shark, but a large fish.   As he watched, it jumped in the air, hit him in the head (knocking his hat off) and continued over the kayak and back into the water!   Neighbors sitting on their balcony saw and cheered....

If you know Dave, you know he likes to joke around and is quite good at pulling your leg with a very straight face.    But....I smelled his hat when he wasn't looking and I think he was telling the truth.   It stinks of fish and is now relegated to the basement.

This morning I was up and dressed before the sun!    This never happens, ever. 

 We live in a special area.  The village of Geneseo is a designated  National Historic Landmark with many large and beautiful old homes.   It is the County Seat for the government of Livingston County and home to the nationally renowned State University of New York at Geneseo.    The surrounding area is split by the Genesee River and the fertile flats along it's banks are home to many farms.   Pretty Conesus Lake is just a couple miles from the center of the Village.     The "valley" as most people here call say is home to acres and acres of open land dotted with huge old oak trees and criss- crossed with scenic dirt roads.     The land is open, for the most part, because it has been owned by one old family (the Wadsworths)for a few hundred years.    Their passion was and is the old world sport of fox hunting.

Nations Road

a calm valley scene
this is a "coop", built over a fence line to enable the hunt horses to jump in and out safely

Before you say anything....I admit to to being a hypocrite on the subject of fox hunting.   I am not a hunter, I'll say no more on that subject.    I do like to watch the hounds work, the horses jump and run (sometimes in control, sometimes with a gleeful sparkle in their eye as they dump their rider in the mud.....) the tradition and pageantry of it all.       The sight of 60 or more horses and riders thundering through the beautiful scenery following a pack of foxhounds that are"singing" at the top of their considerable lungs is thrilling.    Fox are rarely caught, they are much smarter than those big noisy hounds and often seem to enjoy leading them over hill and dale only to disappear into a barn or into their den under a fallen oak.

So, the reason for my getting up and out so early was the 143rd annual Genesee Valley Hunt Parade.   This hunt is the second oldest in the United States and has over 100 members between the ages of 8 and 80.     The mounted group met at one end of Main Street at the historic Homestead House and paraded down it's length to the family's other historic home, Hartford House.   Once all were assembled at Hartford House the opening of the 2019 season began.

The 200 year old Homestead sits on 300 acres

closer view

Here they come!

early morning light as the group passes the Bear Fountain

heading toward the courthouse at the end of Main

taking care of business

We've been doing a bit more socializing as our time winds down (dinner with Barb, lunch with JoAnn).     So busy talking that I forgot to take a picture!   

I'm getting the hang of the new laptop and, with a few exceptions, I'm happy!

nightie night......




  1. LOL - the 'Fox Hunt' - not sure what I'd do with a fox if I caught one. But have to agree the pageantry of the event, from a spectator's view, would be most interesting.

  2. That is one wild fish story. But I think Dave would eventually tell you the truth if it wasn't true and then there is the fishy smelling hat!! That was early for you but glad you got to see the parade. The dogs were so well behaved. That is one huge mansion! I guess one has a cleaning lady (or ladies)!! Lovely photos of the area. Beautiful final peaceful!

  3. Lovely pictures - looks like you hill-topped a bit on Nations road. What a good reason to rise early from your bed. But Lew just have been quite confused. Hmnn....the fish story! Pretty remarkable. And an exciting way to wind-down summer.

  4. Your town sounds lovely. We are currently "in town", well in the area,for a Newmar Rally which begins next week and may try to add a visit to your town while exploring the area. Currently we are exploring Alexandria Bay and Clayton (host of International Antique Boat Show). Enjoy.

  5. That's a great fish story! (Good detective work on your part, LOL!) Glad that fish didn't knock Dave out of the boat. I've been leery of kayaking on the Suwanee River in Florida because of giant sturgeon flattening boaters. 😳

  6. I tend to believe Dave so I'll bite on that one :)
    I can't imagine those hound dogs are so behaved for the parade and later on speeding through the hills and dales searching for the crafty fox.
    Love your last photo of the moonriver and the stars!

  7. I am amazed by all those puppies being so well behaved. I would think that would be total chaos! Impressive stuff! And the Homestead is gorgeous. All of it is well worth an early morning, but I would need a nap by midday. "Before sunrise" is not in my wheelhouse these days.

  8. I loved both stories! I bet there's both excitement and melancholy about closing up and moving down the road.

  9. I don't doubt you Dave!!

    Since I showed jumpers in my youth I have always loved the tradition of the hunt. Great pics of the hounds and horses. Can imagine the excitement of seeing them in the countryside.

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