Saturday, September 14, 2019

new laptop

So.....a new laptop has arrived.   I'm not happy.   I don't like to learn new things - well I DO like to learn new things, but not computer new things.

This well worn old friend has stopped acting up, isn't shutting down unexpectedly anymore, obediently doing everything I ask.   Like your symptoms disappear when you get to the doctors.     It knows it is being replaced. 

 I could just keep it and assume it will behave while we're on the road (my first instinct).     But.....what if it resumes it's wonky ways while we're in the middle of Texas (Dave's sensible side speaks to me).     So, I'm biting the bullet and picking up the new baby this week.   

I thought I'd show you a few more pictures of our easy and sweet summer while I can still know how to make the blog happen.   I know, positive thinking is best in these situations, but.....

And, to get this out of the way first, here's the token picture of Lewis that you-know-who always asks for.....

the boys watching TV after a hard evening of fishing

Last week we met my cousin, Amy, and her husband, Bob, at Alex's restaurant in Batavia.   She is the daughter of my mother's most beloved sister (both gone now).  We lived next door to each other our entire childhood but  haven't kept in very close touch since we became adults.

We had a good dinner and got caught up.   Bob is retired and Amy will finish work in December.    They're going to be snowbirds!    Their youngest daughter lives in Florida so they're looking forward to spending more time with her.

The next night we drove 45 minutes back into Batavia to attend a last minute get together celebrating our friend Cindy's 70th birthday.     Most of her family and old friends were there and it was great seeing them all again.     Her daughter, Melanie, is back in town with her family and Dave and I hadn't met the children yet.    Fun!   They're beautiful and bright and kept the party hopping!

Quinn photobombs birthday Grandma

Little Quinn is very photogenic and she knows it.   Every time a camera came out, or she saw someone's phone pointed somewhere near her direction, she posed - you know....just in case.

three generations of Joe
(grandpa Joe, dad Joe and little Joey)

Little Joey was preoccupied with birthday party accoutrements most of the time.  He had to be convinced, many times, that the gifts were not actually for HIM but for his grandma.

Today we went to the Charcoal Corral (a small, nearby hotdog/ice cream joint) in nearby Perry to stroll around their Farewell to Summer Super Cruise (and to feast on a couple foot long Sahlen's hotdogs and some ice cream).   Lots of old cars in various stages of restoration shared the fields with the finest money can buy new cars and a variety of motorcycles.

(no comments, John...)

Dave looks to see what $135,000 can buy 

They made them real big in 1965

34 Phaeton

We decided this guy has too much time on his hands.....

We even saw the fabulous Fred (our friend and house sitter) sitting in the shade next to his big yellow truck!

Hi Fred!

We're actively getting ready to hit the road.   That means going through Beluga's drawers and cupboards to see what needs washing, what cans have expired, what pasta boxes are half empty, etc.    Dave has been doing a bit of fixing and fiddling with her also but I'll save that for another post.

I'm always sad, at this time of year, to think about dumping out all our pots of smiling and cheerful flowers.   They won't make it through the winter, I know that, but it's always hard to throw things away when they're still so pretty.   Sigh.

That's all for now.

the Diamonds are Dancing


  1. Open that new computer and just jump right in!! Haha! This is coming an even more reluctant computer person. Doesn't look like much TV watching going on there for the fishermen. Must have been a rough night at the dock. But "you know who" always appreciates seeing her furry boy. Fun last time at the Charcoal Corral. John put his nose up at the hot dog photo and stuff!! Your flowers are gorgeous! You seem to have so many more. Your first flower photo with the row of planters is so bright and cheery. Love that you found crazy hair for the lady. Preparing the MH to hit the road is always exciting.

  2. Timely! Today my new Lenovo Notebook has arrived. It'll be awhile before it behaves the way I'd like ...
    Travel plans are part of the fun, where will this winter find you?

    1. Aiming at spending the holidays on Longboat Key, Fl. with family and then heading west!

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous!! How about that Fred at Cruise Night...he does get around. Yes, the end of a delightful summer on The Lake. Lovely that you got see your cousin for a visit and so many friends over the past months. Nothing like New York, dear girl. And you still get to look forward to more Rabbit Room dinners and The Hunt Races! Those will help with the growing pains that inevitably come with new phones and always with new computers. The 70's and 80's were definitely easier.

  4. So funny that your old laptop is perking up and behaving just as you've got a new one waiting in the wings!! I'm having to buy a new camera and am feeling the same reluctance as you are. And I just had to buy a new phone! Enough, already.
    What a lovely summer you've had, including your gorgeous flowers. I'm glad we got to experience a little of the lake magic with you. I had the same thought as Pam—looks like the boys are 'resting their eyes' while they're watching TV. That's what my dad always says. :-)

  5. I'd be bummed to have to let those beautiful flowers go, too. But, in return, y'all get to look forward to hitting the road! I guess that is also an upside to spending a period of time each year out of the RV - it forces you to go through all your cabinets and figure out what's actually there! I am pretty sure we've got some expired, worthless stuff hiding out in the back. Hmmmm, maybe I should do something about that???

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. I am with you - adjusting to new technology is always tough, but you're right to replace it before it craps out on you and you lose lots of important stuff. I lost hundreds of pictures once as a result of a computer crashing and the files becoming unrecoverable. It was NOT good. So... enjoy your new, hopefully reliable laptop!!

  6. Those vibrant flowers are screaming, we are beautiful, admire me!
    I know about those new laptops, they force you to learn new things. We just had ours a few months ago and that is why i started not being able to comment on most Blogger blogs!
    Doesn't Quinn remind you of someone you know that lives in an RV ? :)