Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Henry Ford Museum of Innovation

Don't judge.....but Dave is often in a position to watch Mo Rocca's Innovation Nation on Saturday mornings and the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation is at it's core.    As a result, his interest has been piqued about this place for a long time.      In our other life, the business owner one, we spent lots of time in Dearborn for conferences and business calls.   As a matter of fact, we often stayed at the Fairlane Town Center within walking distance of The Henry Ford museums.   Always to busy then.

This is our time to connect all the dots of those days and the Henry Ford Museum is one of them.

I'm breaking in a new camera (actually, the same camera as I've always used but a newer model) and as usual, it's causing me trouble.   I'm a point and shoot sort of person and that's what this is but it doesn't exactly work like the old one so my pictures at the Museum aren't very good.   Sorry.   I'll probably get the hang of it eventually.

The elegant entry

This is one great museum.   I often lose focus in museums, I get tired of reading endless placards and illustrations eventually.    Here, however, I saw and read more than I usually have patience for.   

an exploded view of a Model T

Things were organized and presented in a thoughtful and interesting way.    Innovations from "then" that led to more innovations and applications "now".     The stream and reasoning were clear and fascinating to see.

Dave looks at  old, belt driven woodworking tools

This is a collection of things that one wealthy man felt represented the best of American innovation.

From manufacturing tools and machines, to furnishings and clothing, to agricultural implements, to planes, trains and automobiles of all sizes and types, to innovation in power generating and distinctly American memorabilia. 

a fiberlass mold for an Eames chair

evolution and innovation in home heating

I want my Cowboy Hat, I want my Maypo!

An old 9N prototype....look familiar JoAnn?

"Oh I'd love to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner....that is truly what I'd truly like to be....and if I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner, everyone would be in love with me"

Dave used to ride on a grain drill just like this one and help his Grandpa seed the fields

the only existing Dymaxion house designed by Buckminster Fuller. 
A really interesting concept!

I remember these drill instructions written on my classroom chalkboard.....chilling.

cases and cases of stuff

one of many steam generators, large and small

old and new

Kennedy's car among a collection of Presidential vehicles

a look into an old Holiday Inn motel room

And in the "Mathematica" display we had a bit of fun in an otherwise very over my head exhibit.....

It was another long day for us and, just so you don't think we're neglecting our dear companion, here's a shot of a normal, after dinner scene between the boys.

Lew wonders how he'll get the ball back this time.....


  1. Showing off our age? I too remember the duck and cover drills. One of the current Wiener-mobiles was in town .. they are still going.
    I see there is a Wright Flyer in the exhibit, the original that actually flew at Kitty Hawk is in Dayton.

  2. What an awesome day! I usually don’t remember much from museum visits...just that at the time I was there, I really enjoyed it! It’s so neat to see how the innovations progressed through the years. Thinking way back to a hamburger that cost $.15 ( an I missing something...there is not a cents symbol! ) and the “drill” lessons.

    I’m sure Lew had NO trouble figuring out how to get his ball!

  3. Thanks for the memories! What a great museum with lots of fun remembering the past. Glad you were able to make the trip. Can't wait to play ball with my furry boy!! Dave needs a break.

  4. So glad you enjoyed the museum. It's a fascinating collection, and I think your photos turned out great! So cute, the photo of Lew and Dave.

  5. It's so funny to read your articles about these places as I'm writing up my post about the same places. There are so many things you photographed that, not only did I not write about, but I didn't even see them! These places are so big, and so chock full of cool stuff, you could spend weeks there and never see everything, and one person's overall experience will be totally different than another's - just based on whether they took a right or a left when they walked through the entrance. So crazy. Anyway, glad you guys liked it all as much as we did. It really is a special place.

  6. I knew you and Dave would like it and glad you finally had time to stop by on your way south (which actually seems a detour). It is an excellent museum and I agree with you it is presented in a logical way of innovation over time.

  7. Sigh.....such an amazing place! Like the Sherbourne in Vermont, and the Western in Cody, WY, I think this one needs a couple days. Wonderful memories - Maypo! That motel room looks eerily like the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where MLK was killed. I'm so delighted you shared so many of the great offerings.