Thursday, October 17, 2019

Oh well

We were planning to drive up to an area called Marblehead and taking the ferry across to Kelley's Island.    On the far side of the island are the largest examples of Glacial Grooves in the world.   They were created by the slow movement of the gigantic glacier that created the Great Lakes and the Erie Islands.    We were also looking for a large boulder inscribed with petroglyphs made by Native Americans living here before European and American settlers arrived.

Unfortunately, due our habit of relaxing in the morning and then taking time to explore things that seem interesting along the route -  we missed the ferry!

there it goes!

                                                                           Oh Well...                                                                           

Instead we decided to check out the Marblehead Lighthouse.

a borrowed photo

We found it, but it was completely wrapped and under construction.   I'm sure it will be beautiful when they're finished......Oh well.

We got back to Maume Bay State Park around dinner time so we decided to go to the Lodge and have a Lake Perch dinner that we'd heard about.

pretty view from our table

Dave LOVES Perch and has fond memories of eating it freshly caught, so we were really looking forward to dinner tonight.     We'd saved the treat for our last night here.


Shouldn't have built it up so much.   It was fine, but didn't live up to expectations.     Oh well.....

I say "Oh Well" but I really just mean, oh well, better luck next time.    We enjoyed our day nonetheless.    It was sunny and we were together with nothing we had to do but see what we could see.    And we did that!

We drove around in the little settlement of Lakeside Chautauqua with it's narrow streets lined with sweet cottages and community areas.

And....we saw more beautiful Swans near Port Clinton.  My ID's have been confirmed by Eric the Expert.

Mute Swans

Trumpeter Swans (awake and asleep)

Well, Swans and a Cormorant to be more precise....

All in all, it was another good day for us.   We got a bit of a sunset as we drove through the mostly empty campground and were happy to see Beluga snuggled into her pretty site, waiting for us.

Tomorrow we break camp and move a very short distance to the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Michigan.

Here is tonight's gratuitous picture of sweet, sleepy Lewis in his post prandial position. That's one big yawn!


  1. We have all had those “Oh well” days. It’s what you do with them that really matters, The swans, the sunset and puppies at home have a way of turning those days into gems! Safe travels tomorrow!

  2. Goodbye OH! back in the day a lot of perch were eaten from eastern WA. Perch offer nice firm white meat, but now prefer your sunsets and sights to a fish taco. Great pics!

  3. Some days just don't come together but looks like you didn't have any trouble finding other interesting activities to fill your afternoon. But I am sorry the perch weren't what you were hoping for. That is a real bummer! Awww, my boy looks so comfy in his passenger seat. That is a big yawn. Safe travels to the Wayne County Fairgrounds!

  4. Michigan looks beautiful for so late in the season. I noticed some still vibrant flowers and greenery. But your little boy looks tired -- or maybe bored with no chance of after-dinner fishing from dock. Poor boy. Cindy

  5. Sounds like a pretty good day, even if it wasn't what you expected. That front passenger seat must have special powers for dogs. Thor absolutely loves sitting there too!

    1. And, it's where Tessa Gravel watches dog TV!

  6. So I had been seeing mostly Mute swans!
    Lewis owns the castle :)
    Oh well is part of our journey and thankfully there are other things to keep you entertained!

  7. Your "Oh well" day sounds mighty sweet. You guys have a knack for always making the best of any situation. Although I can imagine it must have been just a bit of a bummer to watch that ferry sail away. Oh time!!
    I hope you're going to be happy with the fairgrounds. (Don't expect anything fancy and you'll be FINE 😬) Wait till you see the laundry room, LOL!

  8. Even those "oh well" days are pretty sweet when enjoying this wonderful life. I was surprised to learn there was more than one Chautaugua and would love to see some of the other locations. I told Tessa she got ink - she was very pleased :-)))