Thursday, November 7, 2019


We took advantage of one more beautiful fall day for an alfresco lunch along the banks of Mountain Island Lake and a visit to the Carolina Raptor Center.

We entered the Latta Nature Center and Preserve and parked near the historic Latta Plantation.

Latta Plantation

The restored 1800 cotton Plantation offers tours but we decided that we just weren't in the mood.   We wanted a quiet lunch in the sunshine. 

We followed a short trail to the water's edge and sat on a swing to share our lunch.

lunch with a view

The Carolina Raptor Center is in the same Nature Preserve so, after putting our lunch remains back in the Jeep we headed inside to see the birds.

It was a weekday so we practically had the Center to ourselves.   The Raptor Trail is well planned, You wander through the woods for about a mile, stopping at many enclosures housing various raptors along the loop trail.

My camera just wouldn't cooperate when I asked it to focus on a bird behind the fencing. It evidently thought that the fence was my intended subject.  As a result, I got very few pictures.   grrrr

which one is real and which one is the emotional support owl?

Crested Caracara

fluffy Eagle

Today was inclement so we stayed in, did some cooking and cleaning, and generally got ready to move south again in the morning.   North Myrtle Beach next stop.


  1. Great lunch spot!! I just love that photo of Dave walking along the boardwalk with all the fall leaves. It's so calming. I would have enjoyed seeing all the raptors. Love the owl with the emotional support owl. So sweet. Safe travels to Myrtle!

  2. Awww....I've never seen an emotional support owl! That's sweet! Hope you guys are south of the arctic blast. We're not, LOL. ⛄️

  3. That is a great picture of Dave...
    What a beautiful and fun way to spend the day! An emotional support owl...I think I need one too!

  4. If you're shooting on a camera in which you can control the aperture, if you open up the aperture a lot (ie: set the aperture number as low as it will go), the camera will ignore the fence and focus on what's behind it. You need to be standing as close to the fence as possible, and you need to manually focus rather than rely on auto-focus, but if you do, you can force the camera to focus on what's behind the fence.

  5. Ooh we would love those raptors!! Love the emotional support owl :-))